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We love love love Polytrol colour restorer here at Owatrol but we think it’s such an undervalued product and we’d love you to try it out. It has so many possible uses and it’s beyond easy to use! What is Polytrol? Polytrol colour restorer revives the colour and appearance of many different types of surfaces including […]

We love receiving your before and after photos of projects you’ve completed using Owatrol solutions and this latest one is great! A customer has used Owatrol’s Polytrol colour restorer to revive the plastic trims on their car and to great effect. What is Polytrol colour restorer? Polytrol restores the colour and appearance of dull and faded […]

We love it when other companies recommend our products to compliment theirs! It’s great to know that Owatrol are providing solutions to more problems year on year. The latest addition comes from a Scandinavian company called SkiGuard who sell, among other things, a range of roof boxes. They have recognised that many of their customers have […]