Ffestiniog Railway with application of SCS

Ffestiniog Railway harnesses the simplicity of SCS

At Owatrol we are always delighted to work alongside other leading companies in our field to deliver outstanding quality and professional finish. Our products have recently helped to complete a project on the Welsh Ffestiniog heritage railway alongside products from Silva Timber, a provider of speciality wood products.

The Ffestiniog Railway is the oldest independent railway company in the world and is currently maintained as the top tourist attraction in North Wales with volunteer support. This project involved the building of a signal box and relay room in keeping with the nature of the railway but also build to withstand the weather as they’d be located just 5 metres from the sea at high tide!

Ffestiniog Railway Signal Hut

Alan Norton, the Volunteer Project Manager, chose to use Finger-Jointed Western Red Cedar from Silva Timber for the cladding because they were mindful of their small budget and felt that it would offer the properties of standard board at a reduced cost. Considering that finger-jointed cladding boards are particularly suited to an opaque coating, they decided to use Owatrol’s Solid Colour Stain to produce the high quality finish they were looking for.

Ffestiniog Railway

Solid Colour Stain is our all-in-one wood treatment and protective finish available in 52 different shades. It’s perfect for use on this project as it’s guaranteed for 15 years against peeling and flaking when used on vertical surfaces. It offers excellent protection against moisture and performs well in high traffic areas or difficult conditions – perfect for by the sea!

Alan said:

This combination was a cost effective option and ultimately sealed the decision for us. Both Western Red Cedar cladding and Owatrol Solid Colour Stain were very easy to work with, even considering that some of the teenage volunteers had no previous experience working in this environment.

It’s great to hear that customers find our solutions to be cost effective, they may seem more expensive than others on the market but their quality, the long-term protection they offer, and the professional finish they give mean they really are good value for money.

We hope this post on Ffestiniog railway using S.C.S interesting. If you have any other advice or top tips, please feel free to leave them in the comments below. We love hearing from you!

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2 thoughts on “Ffestiniog Railway harnesses the simplicity of SCS

  1. Advice needed please: I have some elderly but perfectly good decking that has been painted in the past by some colour blind clown. I simply cannot sand this off or afford to get a tradesman in. I have a back problem and it restrict what I can do. I have pressure washed the decking to get rid of dirt,algae and flaked paint and have done as much as I can to prepare. I have been assured that owatrol solid colour stain is THE only product to use. My query is…. Can I apply this with a roller and what kind.? Will I get better coverage if a brush is used? Grateful for any comments.

    1. Hi Jaqueline,

      Thanks for your enquiry – in answer, SCS will work in this instance but we would always advise that any previous coating be removed prior to applying any of our products. When this is not feasible, SCS will help but we cannot provide the same guarantee as we are not certain how viable the coating beneath the SCS is.

      Given that, if you decide to proceed with SCS then you can use any roller that is designed for rough surfaces, the better the quality the easier it will be to apply and the best coverage you will receive. You can still expect a better finish with SCS than you would get with the standard high street brands but we cannot guarantee the same finish we would expect if there was no previous coating.

      Hope this helps, if you have any other questions don’t hesitate to get in touch!
      The Owatrol Team

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