Smart Garden Offices - Belle

Case Study: New range from Smart Garden Offices to use SCS

We are very pleased to share some more beautiful Offices from Smart Garden Offices.

This time we are highlighting the ultra-chic ‘Belle’ range, which on Smart Garden Office’s website is described as, “Elegance and intelligence perfectly combined.” – we couldn’t agree more!

Take a look at this beautiful space!

Smart Garden Offices create more than just offices, they also make studios, craft rooms, gyms and garden rooms so you can really make the most of your garden for what ever you want! From a place to work to a man cave, there really is something for everyone.

Smart Garden Offices - Belle

The Belle range is the newest addition to the Smart Garden Office family to be finished with Owatrol SCS (Solid Colour Stain).

The garden room pictured above was finished with SCS in the colour Light Blue and we think it looks absolutely amazing! The blue really stands out amongst the greenery of the customers garden whilst also bringing the garden together to make a beautiful space.

However, if blue is not to your taste I’m sure we will have a colour you would prefer as SCS is available in 35 different shades!

Smart Garden Offices have decided to use SCS on their projects because it has a strong robust finish that will stay looking fresh for years to come – we believe in this so much that SCS is actually guaranteed against peeling or flaking for 5 years on horizontal surfaces and 15 years on vertical surfaces.

To Apply SCS

Applying SCS is very easy, but before you start you may need to treat your wood – depending on what state your wood is in will determine what you need to do before application can begin. Please refer to the SCS product page and select the “directions for use” tab where you can find what you need to do to your wood before applying SCS.

Once your wood is ready for application, simply apply a coat of SCS across the surface and then allow it to dry for 3 – 4 hours.

Once it is dry, apply and second coat and then you’re done! – see, we told you it was easy!

Maintenance is very minimal with SCS, however, areas that will receive harsh weather or heavy traffic may wear more quickly than other areas. If this happens, simply clean the surface with Net-Trol and then re-apply SCS as necessary.

If you have any queries regarding the use of SCS, please feel free to contact us.

Photos courtesy of Simply C Photography 

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