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Christmas D.I.Y trends 2018

If you love DIY and Christmas, this is the blog post for you! With Christmas around the corner, there is still time for getting the last Christmas DIY bits and bobs in place before the big day!

Christmas DIY trends this year are simplistic yet beautiful. There are lots more modern/contemporary decorations this year, bringing the beautiful Scandinavian style into our homes.

However, if you’re a fan of the more traditional style decorations, fear not! These are still very popular and have lots of new and exciting ways to fill your home with joy.

Here is a small list of our favourites this year.

Tea light snowmen

One Little Project Tea Light Snowman Ornament

This is one of our most favourite Christmas DIY projects this year. Debbie Chapman from One Little Project shows you step by step instructions on exactly how to create these cute little fellows!

What we love about this idea is that they are cute, fun and safe! Having Christmas candles around the home is lovely, but it can be dangerous should you have children or animals in your house.

We guarantee your little ones will love making these cute snowmen!

DIY wreaths

DIY wreaths are a popular project as you can get as creative as you like and sometimes for a lot cheaper than you would find in the shops.

If you are looking for something natural, why not use Christmas tree cuttings to create a beautiful wreath? Take a trip to a shop that sells Christmas trees, they will most likely have offcuts you can take.

If you would like it to last for years to come, you could get some faux garland from a craft shop and use that instead.

Or why not create a wreath out of bauble? It can be as big and as colourful as you like!

Christmas candles

Sometimes candles need a little bit of something to make them more ‘Christmassy’. Why not paint the front of your glass candles with a fun character? Or dip them in glitter, or even hang something from around the neck of the jar.

We often see people using cinnamon sticks and hot glue them to a pillar candle, but this can be dangerous! If you want a cinnamon smell around your home, we recommend buying an already scented candle and simply dress it up after.

Handmade Christmas cards

Handmaking Christmas cards is a very popular Christmas DIY project too. These can be as simple or as complicated as you like!

If you have little ones around the home, why not create fun fingerpainted cards? It will keep them entertained and is a quick and easy way of creating something a bit more personal.

If you are feeling creative, you could instead create pop up or sliding cards! Just make sure you put enough time aside to create them should you have a lot of cards to send out!

Personalise baubles

You could create some really fun and completely unique baubles! How about filling them with glitter or fake snow, or perhaps paint them with a fun Christmas character!

Or if you’re looking for something a bit more modern, why not give marbling/paint pouring a go?

Marbling and paint-pouring is so easy and fun and all you need is a glass bauble, a primer such as Easy surface Prep (ESP) and some paint!

Mini picture frame ornaments

This is another simple yet effective personalised Christmas DIY project. You can buy small picture frames from a lot of online shops fairly cheaply. Simply add if a picture of whomever or whatever you like, add a string or ribbon and there you have it!

These make great presents for friends or family, or can just be a fun way to personalise your Christmass tree!

You could get a double frame and place a couple inside so it looks like a love locket.


These scented ornaments are the latest idea for getting the smell of Christmas into your home! They are small sticks made from recycled paper that has been infused with natural scents such as pine, cinnamon, red berries and spiced orange.

We think they are a great safe alternative to candles and are fantastic to hang on an artificial Christmas tree, so you can bring the real smell of pine into your home.

You could wrap them into your homemade wreaths or garlands to give them a beautiful natural smell!

They come in a pack of six and are green to blend in seamlessly with your tree, garlands or wreaths and they last for 30 days.

Light filled decorations

Light filled decorations are another popular Christmas DIY project this year. Putting small LED lights into bottles or under glass cloches are an easy way to create a simple and warm setting for relaxing in this Christmas.

You can now find ‘corks’ that have a battery inside them with a string of small lights attached to get rid of the problem of having a large battery pack on display.

If you want something more than just lights, why not place something ‘Christmassy’ under a glass cloche and then place battery operated lights to create a winter wonderland scene?


Modern contemporary Christmas decorations are becoming more and more popular. Having pure white, black or gold tree ornaments with geometric shapes creates a sleek and minimalistic scene.

Creating plain natural wreaths made with pine, mistletoe, eucalyptus and Gypsophila create a beautiful yet simplistic addition to the home. Having nordic/woodland items in your home such as pinecones and pine branches used as garland can also help create a simplistic look without being dull.

You can always opt for a more industrial look and still have it looking modern. Use metals such as brass or copper that have a beautiful natural patina to create cool tones within the home.

Papercraft decorations

Another fun and easy Christmas DIY project is to create your own Papercraft decorations. These can be as complex or as simplistic as you like!

You could create simple snowflakes, or perhaps try your hand at making origami/Scandinavian folded papercrafts.

Another thing you can do is fold book pages into a fun 3-dimensional design!

We hope you enjoyed this post on Christmas DIY trends. If you have any other tips, tricks or advice, please feel free to leave them in the comments below. We love hearing from you!

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