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Creating the perfect room using wall stripes

When it comes to creating the perfect ambiance in our homes, we all imagine ourselves as 60 minute make-over pros, while in reality our skills barely go beyond patchy painting.

However, even novices can tun pro with these simple tips on how to create beautiful wall designs that you can really be proud of. That’s why today we are going to show you how to create the perfect room using wall stripes.

Decide What Kind of Style you Want Your Room to Have

Whether you are decorating your kitchen, bathroom or bedroom, creating a pattern can add depth and sophistication to your room.

Whether you want to go for a sophisticated alignment of complimenting colours or are looking for a more quirky pattern; the possibilities are endless.

You can continue the pattern throughout the whole room. However, if you are thinking about using bright colours then we suggest having a feature wall. That way you can still enjoy a pop of colour without entering the realms of tacky and tasteless.

Choose the Perfect Paint to Reflect the Ambiance of Your Home

When it comes to giving your room a real “je ne sais quoi” you need to choose a quality paint.

Don’t compromise; when you invest in products such as the Owatrol paint odour eliminator, not only will you be able to create amazing wall stripes, you will also be able to enjoy your creation straight away without being subjected to any unpleasant paint smells.

Stock up on good quality Tape

It doesn’t have to be an epic (and expensive) brand name. It just needs to be able to stay in position while you are painting, not tear easily and should be able to peel off your wall with minimal fuss. Masking tape works well.

Aligning your tape

You may already by quite the DIY enthusiast and have a levelling tool, but if you don’t then fear not. All you need is a reliable and sturdy way of ensuring that you are taping in a straight line.

Whether that is an old shelf or an old painting frame that you ditched in light of a digital photo product; using a pencil, line up your “tool” and make small marking on your wall that can be used as a reference when taping your walls in your desired pattern.

The Secret Weapon

Here is what you do to prevent annoying bleeds in lines. Don’t throw away your base paint once you have completed phase one of your redecoration plans. Once your tape is securely fastened, go over the edge using a small paintbrush and your base wall colour.

This will make any bleeding lines disappear as they will be identical to the colour beneath the tape. Once this has dried you can begin painting your epic lines.

What About Textured Walls?

If the only thing that has been holding you back from trying the striped wall phenomenon is the fact that you have a textured wall then this technique should save you from that fear. Just ensure that once you have applied your tape, go back over it and really push it down.

The Finishing Touch

Once you have painted your beautiful and sophisticated lines, peel off your tape while your wall is still wet. This will give you a smooth line and won’t chip the paint. You also won’t have to worry about line bleeds since you have used our secret weapon!

You can invest in finishing products such as our water-based paint conditioner, Floetrol, that removes brush and roller marks and gives your paint job a high-quality look. Then sit back and soak in the success of your projects, before inviting all of your friends round to show off your skills.


This post was written by Trade Paint Direct, who supply a variety of Owatrol products to their customers.

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  1. Do u hav a booklet or manual on all the uses of your products. I have used some and lov them but I want to convince my grandaughter who is going into interia design that your products are easy to use and the best. I am ordering her the owateral pre paint , no rubbing down product to use on varnished furniture.
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