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Top 10 Christmas Decor Trends 2023

With Christmas right around the corner, there’s no better time than now to check out some of the top Christmas decor trends!

Top 10 Christmas Decor Trends 2023

1. Vintage

That’s right, vintage is in this year! It has been becoming more and more popular over recent years but 2023 is the year it is well and truly in fashion. You will see paper decorations, glass tree toppers and indented tree ornaments to name a few.

Mostly seen in the usual bright colouring, but you may also see traditional vintage decorations with a more contemporary feel to them via a calmer or more neutral colour palette.

2. Natural and eco-friendly

A neutral colour palette of greens, browns and Earthy tones combined with flora and fauna such as mushrooms, pinecones, berries and woodland creatures such as deer are always in.

This year we have seen an explosion of the calmed down and natural vibes with an eco-friendly kick. For example, utilising more real pine and biodegradable ornaments such as those made from paper.

More people are using plain brown paper or even fabric that can be reused to wrap gifts and using natural decorations to jazz them up instead of plastic ribbons etc.

3. Winter Fairytale

The most popular overall theme we are seeing this year is what many are naming, ‘Winter Fairytale’. This consists of the traditional ‘Scandi’ style, so lots of neutral colours, a calm and cosy vibe, fluffy whites and usually only green or gold/brass for a little pop of colour here and there.

The Scandi style is popular year round for its calming and neutral vibe, which for many during the Christmas period is just perfect!

4. Dark Fairytale

The next popular overall theme we are seeing is what some are calling, ‘Dark Fairytale’. This is a more moody yet elegant vibe consisting of dark royal blues or greens for the main colour palette with lots of gold and jewel toned accents. This gives a really rich yet still cosy vibe.

This works so well with a maximalism style, so if you have the space and time to go for this Christmas decor this year, we would highly recommend it.

5. Cosy cool Snow

Perhaps you’re looking for a less intense vibe and maybe something a little more on the minimalistic side? If you’re a fan of a white Christmas, the ‘Cosy Snow’ theme could be the one for you.

This style is about very cool or pale neutral colours, so lots of white and beige mixed with soft fluffy textures. Think of flocked trees, snow, and white everywhere with accents in silver or gold. Similar to the winter fairytale theme but with the white level turned up to max!

6. Textures

The more textures the better this year! That could be in the form of fluffy flocked snow on your tree combined with glass ornaments, or no snow and perhaps feathered ornaments instead?

Different textures make for interesting visuals and are so pleasing to the eye, not to mention they can create really fun contrasts.

7. Garlands

Another popular option to fit in beautifully with the rustic vibes this year is garlands. This year we are seeing them used absolutely everywhere! Over mantles, on bannisters, around window and door frames – you name it, it has a garland on it!

Bringing more of the outside in to help create a more natural vibe is definitely in this year.

8. Picks & sprays displays

Similar to garlands, we are seeing picks and sprays used in floral displays everywhere this year. Not only are they a fun way of introducing colour and texture to your home, but they’re fairly affordable, natural (although plastic versions are also available) and come in a wide variety of sizes.

Try mixing several complimenting picks to create an eye-catching design.

9. Rustic / Homemade

With times being a little bit harder right now, we are seeing lots more rustic and homemade vibes this year. There are lots more handmade decorations and ornaments and even gifts.

With popular shows like ‘Kirsty Allsops Handmade Christmas’, there are plenty of opportunities to learn how to create the perfect item for your home.

10. Candles / cosy lighting

Our final Christmas decor trends for 2023 are candles and cosy lighting. Although it goes without saying that lighting is always a popular choice around Christmas time, the bright white lights are taking a backseat this year and warm, cosy candles and LEDs are now taking centre stage.

Multi-coloured lights are also popular and work very well with the vintage theme mentioned earlier.

We hope you found this post on Christmas Decor Trends 2023 helpful. If you have any other advice or top tips, please feel free to leave them in the comments below. We love hearing from you!

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