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Four Spectacular Sheds

A lot of people think that sheds aren’t exactly a thing to get excited about, but those people fail to appreciate that there are some truly spectacular sheds out there. They are much more interesting, much more exciting, and in many cases much more beautiful than a simple place to keep tools.

The Allotment Roof Shed

This novel structure was the winner of the Shed of the Year award in 2014. As the owner says on the award’s website, “I was tight for space so rather than put a shed on an allotment, I put an allotment on my shed!” The roof features a fully-featured and fully usable rooftop garden, so no planting space on the allotment has been lost. Inside, the shed is a combined art and music studio heated by a wood burner and lit by solar-powered electric lighting.

Find out more about The Allotment Roof Shed here.

The Teapot

The teapot shed originates in the Scottish borders, and has had an interesting history. It started out as a wood drying shed by artist Ian Hunter. This sounds straightforward enough, but Hunter’s artistic flair drove him to create a quirky shed that looked like a giant green teapot. It was later refurbished into a two-level space with an upstairs summer house, and made headlines when it went on the market for £10,000. The buyer then relocated the shed to the South of France, where she opened it up as a traditional English tearoom.

Find out more about The Teapot Shed here.

The Queen Emma

Claire Kapma designed her shed with a strong nautical flavour. The Queen Emma is designed to look like a glorious sailing ship. In particular it’s modelled on the famous HMS Victor along with the HMS Warrior. It comes complete with a hammock, rigging, and two flags; a Union Jack and a Jolly Roger. Formerly the property of a pub which has since closed, the ship now serves two purposes; garden storage and a place for Kapma’s young daughter and her friends to play.

Find out more about The Queen Emma.

The Roman Temple

This is another former Shed of the Year winner. The Roman Temple pocketed the award a full decade ago in 2007. However, to this day is among the most spectacular sheds you are likely to find anywhere. This shed has been designed to look like… well you can probably guess from the name. It comes complete with large Roman-style columns, statues, murals, and mosaics to name just a few of the Roman touches. It also includes some mod cons like LED mood lighting and a security system with an alarm and CCTV.

Read more about The Roman Temple here.

Feeling Inspired?

If looking at all these spectacular sheds has gotten your creative juices flowing, then start planning your own unique garden structures! Even if your plans are a little more modest, we hope you’ve enjoyed having a look at these as much as we enjoyed discovering them!

Inspiring shed on a wall
Image credit to Stephen Crowley

We would encourage you to take steps to preserve your splendid creation when you’re done. That way it will stay around and will keep looking its best for the long haul. Your choice of wood protection and preservation will also play a big role in how your shed looks. Shed and Fence Paint will offer a range of bright colours with its Matt opaque finish giving you the opportunity to create some pretty epic looks, while Textrol HES or D1 Pro will give you a more natural-looking oiled finish. Any of those products, of course, will give you great protection from the elements.

We hope you found this post on four spectacular sheds interesting. If you have any other advice or top tips, please feel free to leave them in the comments below. We love hearing from you!

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