wood cladding finished with SCS

SCS used to finish & protect wood cladding

We love receiving photos from customer that have used our products on their projects!

This week we have received images from a customer that has used SCS (Solid Colour Stain) to finish their wood cladding.

They opted to use 3 various colours; black, white and Swedish Red. Using a mix of contrasting colours like this creates a beautiful bold statement.

As you can see, the end result is stunning and stands out proudly from the green that surround the building.

Owatrol SCS used on exterior cladding

So what exactly is SCS?

SCS is an opaque protection and finish designed for use on both new and weathered exterior wood surfaces as well as masonry  and on both horizontal and vertical surfaces. It contains Owatrol’s Emulsa-Bond, this gives it excellent adherence without the need for long winded preparation and priming.

For use as a masonry paint, we recommend using SCS over other products on the market due to the stabilising solution it has. Many other masonry paint products will require substrates to be stabilised before the paint can be applied. This can require extensive preparation and priming.

However, due to SCS having Emulsa-Bond (a mix in bonding primer) built into it, this step is negated – meaning you can just get on with the job at hand.

SCS is available in a whopping 35 different shades! If you are not certain about which colour is right for you, simply head to the product page and request a colour card. Then, if you’re still not sure, you can always purchase a 100ml £5 sample pot.

SCS is *guaranteed against flaking and peeling for 15 years on vertical surfaces and 5 years on horizontal surfaces. It provides exceptional protection against moisture and performs well in high traffic areas. This makes it perfect for exterior masonry and wooden surfaces.

Owatrol SCS used on exterior cladding

Did you know that Smart Garden Offices use SCS to finish their garden spaces? Take a look at this previous blog post to learn more.

If you have any photos of a project you have completed with Owatrol, we would love to see them!

*When applied via the directions for use.

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SCS used to finish and protect wood cladding - Pinterest

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