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Ultimate garden maintenance checklist

In order to keep your garden in tiptop condition all year round, you’ll need to ensure that you carry out a few key tasks each season.

To help you to make sure that your garden is always looking its best, we’ve come up with the ultimate garden checklist and split it into seasons, for ease of reference.


Spring is the time to finish up your winter work before the busy growing season begins.

  • Chit your seed potatoes
  • Finish pruning wisteria and summer-flowering clematis
  • Weed your flower beds and cut back perennials
  • By late March you can plant out your potatoes
  • When the threat of frost has passed, you can start sowing your veggies outside


Your garden will be in full bloom by now and you’ll be enjoying making your veggies the star of your suppers. Enjoy your hard work but remember that there’s still lots to do in the garden…

  • Trim your lavenders after they’ve flowered to keep them nice and compact
  • Deadhead your geraniums and carnations when the flowers start to look brown, so that they’ll continue to flower all summer long
  • Look after the wildlife by topping up bird baths and ponds in drier spells
  • Dig up your onions and leave them to ripen in the sun before storing them
  • Keep on top of the weeding in your flower beds and vegetable patches


Now’s the time to prepare your garden for the winter.

  • Plan ahead and plant bulbs for some spring colour
  • Cut herbaceous perennials, bushes and shrubs, as per their instructions
  • Prune hedges
  • Empty your hose and lag/drain any outdoor pipes, so they cannot freeze during the winter and cause damage
  • Bring any sensitive pot plants indoors (like lemon trees, for example)
  • Cut your lawn for the last time in early November or late October, ensuring you leave it at least 5cm long
  • Check sheds and other out buildings in case of leaks and recoat any protective treatments necessary
  • Now is the last chance to plant out any new plants before the soil cools down


This is the time of year that you’ll probably spend the least amount of time in the garden. But that doesn’t mean that you can relax…

  • Sharpen your tools and tidy your shed in preparation for spring
  • Wash any pots ready for sowing
  • Repair any trellises once plants have died back
  • Prune your rose bushes and fruit trees
  • If there’s a sunny day, ensure that you ventilate your greenhouse
  • Make a list of all the veggies you’d like to grow next year and when you’ll need to sow them
  • Plan how you’ll use your vegetable patches, taking into account the need for crop rotation
  • Order your seeds so you have them in time for spring
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