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Stripping Paint From Wood

Owatrol Wood Stripping Guide: Finding the touch time

We have saved the most important bit until last with our wood stripping guide as we’re talking about touch time.

Before you undertake any wood stripping project, whether big or small, there are 2 important things you need to do. Firstly work out the correct stripper for you. This is discussed in the previous parts of the stripping guide. Secondly work out your touch time.

If you’ve got absolutely no idea what we’re talking about then panic not, it’s not difficult but it is important. Let’s start at the beginning…

What is touch time?

Touch time is the amount of time that you need to leave your stripper on your surface for it to remove all the coatings before you begin to rinse or remove it. It’s important to know this. If you try to rinse off your stripper too soon, then you’ll have to repeat the process. A big waste of time, effort and money!

How do I work out the touch time of my stripper?

First, purchase a sample pot of the stripper you’re intending to use (Owatrol sample pots can be purchased with free next working day delivery). Next, find an inconspicuous area on the surface you are trying to strip and apply the stripper according to the instructions. Each stripper will have its own recommended working times so check the directions for guidance on how long to leave it working.

After an appropriate period of time, gently scrub at the edge of the area to see if the coating is lifting. If it is not, then leave it for a short while longer and try again. If the coatings are all lifting then take a note of the time and you have your touch time! This should give you a rough working time for your stripping project. Remember that coatings are not always applied evenly so always check as you go.

If your stripper is not lifting the coatings at all then it is likely that you are not using an appropriate stripper for your coating. Take a look at our stripping range to find out which is best for you.

If you are still unsure, then please do not hesitate to contact us so we can assist you.

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