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Great prizes up for grabs for apprentice painters and decorators!

We just wanted to make any apprentice painters and decorators aware of a great competition being run by the guys at Traditional Painter and MyPaintBrush. It is targeting Level 1 & 2 apprentices who are going through college without the support of a firm. We know this is difficult to do and that it’s incredibly hard to progress onto Level 3 to become ‘fully qualified’ without the backing of a firm so we always like to do what we can to support those just starting out – after all they’ll be the ones keeping us in business in a few years!

What is ‘Traditional Painter’?

Traditional Painter is a forum and blogging platform for independent painters and decorators including some of the best and most talented in the UK. Owatrol has been an active part of the community at Traditional Painter, providing advice for using many of our products. They have also done some write-ups about our products with honest opinions from real professionals in the painting and decorating industry.

They have found that using their community platform allows them to get the word out about their work and encourages new business as well as to share tips and ideas and to showcase some of their best work. For those just starting out, it’s a great way to get your name out and a good way to demonstrate to potential employers what you can do – a lot more than they can see in just a face-to-face interview.

By taking part in the competition you could win an Erecta Frame (worth £299) which Andy at Traditional painter calls:

…a game-changer piece of kit from the United States…[which] will raise your bar as a painter and decorator.

Entering the Apprentice Painter & Decorator competition

To enter you must be a level 1 or 2 apprentice who is going through college without the support of a firm. If this is you, simply write 3 articles (of 400 words each) about what you do including some pictures to demonstrate your skills. You could include what you learnt, what you won’t do again, products that helped, or hindered…etc. It might seem like a lengthy process but it’s really not and it’s definitely worth the time. The internet brings people together – the painters at Traditional Painter say they rarely knock on doors asking people to give them a job, they blog about what they do. Then home owners who need their services find them when they Google for something they do.

Your entries need to be in by 30th October 2013 and Traditional Painter will publish as many submissions as they can, in tandem with other sites and organisations willing to promote talented and determined young decorators. The apprentice who sends in the most informative set of 3 articles will be the lucky winner of the Erecta Frame but all the entrants will benefit from the exposure and increase in awareness of themselves online!

For more information about entering the competition you can download the Competition Entry Details here. Send any entries to before the deadline to enter.

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Gary Coniam
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3 thoughts on “Great prizes up for grabs for apprentice painters and decorators!

  1. Many thanks for your support spreading the word about this competition. Blogging isn’t the normal approach to job seeking, but those apprentices who put pen to paper “will” reach potential employers out there, and have an opportunity to show them what they can do!

    What goes online, stays online, so even if your competition entry doesn’t bear fruit this time round, send the links out with future CVs, and generate ongoing mileage out of 3 blogs.

    1. No worries Russ, we love to promote worthy causes and it’s always a good idea to help out apprentices – it’s hard work for them and hopefully they’ll be keeping us in business in a few years time!

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