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Launching NEW Product Samples

The observant Owatrol customer may have noticed that you can now purchase a handy 100ml sample pot of many of our bestselling products. This is a great way to test things out if you’re not sure which shade of Solid Colour Stain you’d like, or you’re not sure what Textrol will look like on your deck.

To purchase a sample pot, simply find the product you’d like in our online store and select ‘100ml sample pot’ in the size options. You can then select your finish colour if appropriate and purchase a pot for just £5 (no VAT). Below is a list of the Owatrol products you can purchase sample pots for. If you’d like a sample of a different product then please get in touch.

Owatrol Oil

Owatrol’s colourless and odourless penetrating oil with exemplary rust inhibiting properties. Widely renowned in the professional market, Owatrol Oil is a rust inhibitor and paint additive for oil-based paints which improves paint workflow, eliminates brush marks and provides enhanced corrosion protection even on rusty surfaces by penetrating to the sound metal below.

Textrol Oil

Textrol is a penetrating oil finish for weathered wood which protects the wood from within against damage caused by excess moisture and UV rays. It is available in a range of finishes including clear and is designed to enhance the natural beauty of your deck, fence, garden furniture, summer house and more and will not crack or peel!

Deks Olje D1

This bestselling Owatrol product is a clear matt finish protective oil for hardwoods, both interior and exterior. It is a penetrating product which protects the wood from within and is easy to maintain with no sanding or stripping. As it is clear, it enhances the natural beauty of the wood whilst still providing excellent protection against the elements. It’s perfect for use on new oak and tropical hardwoods as well as other hardwoods.

Solid Colour Stain

SCS is Owatrol’s all-in-one wood treatment and finish which is guaranteed not to peel or flake for 15 years on vertical surfaces and 5 years on horizontal surfaces. It is an opaque wood finish which is available in 52 different shades and provides outstanding protection against damage from moisture, UV rays and weathering. It is long-lasting and can withstand heavy use so it’s perfect for decks and outdoor furniture.


Net-Trol is our wood cleaner and colour restorer which revives weathered wood and restores it to its natural colour. It’s excellent for removing built up dirt and grime before treating your wood with your choice of finish and it’s also a must for use as a neutraliser on wood after stripping. Net-Trol is multi-talented though and it can also be used to remove rust stains or to clean discoloured stone as well as to restore the lustre to dull or faded plastics.


Prepdeck is our professional quality wood stripper which removes previous coatings, mill glaze, grade stamps and other surface contaminants from all types of exterior wood. It can be used on new or weathered softwood, hardwood and burnt wood and is ideal for decks, cladding, fencing, furniture and more.


Dilunett Gel is Owatrol’s solvent-free paint remover which can remove up to 8 coats of paint in just one application. It’s gel consistency makes it easy to apply – even to intricate surfaces or in difficult to reach areas – and it’s great for vertical surfaces because it doesn’t drip. It can be rinsed simply with water and is safe to use on most woods, almost all metals (not aluminium), plastic, stone, cement, gelcoats and GRP.


Aquanett is a solvent-free wood oil remover which safely and gently removes new and old oils from severely weathered wood. It will remove any oil (including teak oil) and restore the natural colour of the wood thus preparing the surface for new coatings. Aquanett’s gel consistency means it is perfect for vertical surfaces as it won’t drip and it’s solvent-free nature means it’s safe to use in environmentally sensitive areas such as near shrubbery.


One of Owatrol’s flagship products, this water-based paint additive is a decorator’s best friend! It improves the flow of the paint and prevents brush or roller marks whilst maintaining the inherent qualities of the paint and improving the finish. It is suitable for interior and exterior use in any water-based paint (emulsions, acrylics, vinyls) and really helps when painting in difficult conditions like very cold winter days!


Ready to use, Aquadecks water-based matt finish for wood is perfect for outdoor furniture, fencing, cladding and decking.  It can be applied directly to both new or weathered wood and provides enhanced protection against moisture and UV rays with no risk of peeling or flaking. It is available in 3 different shades (honey, movingui and teak) and is suitable for interior and exterior use.

With all these products now available in our handy samples pot it’s a perfect time to try out some of those products you’ve not used before!

We hope you found this post new sample products interesting. If you have any other advice or top tips, please feel free to leave them in the comments below. We love hearing from you!

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    1. Hi Janice,
      A sample pot is £5 and includes free next day delivery.
      Many thanks,
      The Owatrol Team

    1. Hi Nigel,
      Yes we do sample pots of Decking Paint at a price of £8* (with free delivery) and these can be ordered by selecting ‘100ml sample pot’ as the size from the Decking Paint product page.

      Many thanks,
      The Owatrol Team

      *price updated March 2023

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