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‘Out of Owatrol!’ a video from Luc1 Motorsport

We are very excited to show you ‘Out of Owatrol!’ a video from Luc1 Motorsport.

Owatrol are proud to sponsor Luc1 Motorsport and this year the Luc1 team have released a video showcasing their favourite Owatrol products.

Sylvain Bidart demonstrates some of his skills on his Honda Supermoto. He competes for the Luc1 Owatrol Honda team in the Supamotar France Championship and the Supermoto World Championship. It’s great to see that he doesn’t go anywhere without his Transyl lubricating and releasing oil!

If you watch the video be sure to turn on the captions (unless you’re fluent in French of course!).

What is Transyl?

Transyl is a lubricating, deep penetrating, self-spreading liquid with exceptional ‘wetting’, spreading and climbing properties. It is able to reach the most inaccessible areas and is perfect for the dismantling and maintenance of metal assemblies and for lubricating hard to reach metal parts.

Transyl is a multi purpose problem solver that has been developed over 75 years. Tt is widely used in the Automotive, Aviation, Rail and Maritime industries as well as the industrial and domestic markets. It can be used on all surfaces and does not contain caustic or acidic substances and so does not damage paint.

For more information about Transyl Oil, please click here.

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