Emulsa-Bond (E-B)

Product Spotlight: Emulsa-Bond (E-B)

What is Emulsa-Bond?

Emulsa-Bond (E-B), is a mix-in additive, suitable for use with most water-based paints and varnishes. It can be used as a conventional primer, or added to the first coat of paint in order to eliminate the need for a separate primer altogether.

E-B can be used on a wide variety of substrates including powdery or unstable surfaces or hard-to-paint materials like glass and wood. It also eliminates the need for a mist coat when painting new plaster.

Emulsa-Bond (E-B) being used on a wall

Why Should I Use Emulsa-Bond?

E-B greatly speeds up and simplifies the painting process, especially on difficult substrates. Mixing it with the first coat ensures a strong, wear- and peel-resistant bond without the need to apply a separate primer and then allow it to dry before you begin painting the final colour.

It is particularly useful for quick and effective painting of interior plaster, allowing the first coat of the final colour to also do the job of both primer and mist coat.

E-B is also an extremely versatile product. It can be added to the first coat to replace a primer, but if for whatever reason you prefer a traditional, separate primer it can also be used for that. This product can bond paint to a wide range of surfaces including powdery, chalky, porous, or otherwise difficult surfaces.

It can be used on plaster and masonry, wood, glass, plastic, and varnished surfaces.

How to Apply Emulsa-Bond

Surface Preparation

Ensure the surface is clean and free from grease, residue, loose debris, or flaking paint. If the surface is dirty, wash with water and detergent, rinse thoroughly, and allow to dry before painting. Any mildew should also be removed. This can be achieved by adding detergent to a 1:3 mixture of bleach and water. Apply this to the affected areas, leave for 10-15 minutes, then rinse with clean water and allow to dry.

Application Tools

  • Paint Brush
  • Roller
  • Any other tools required for the product to be mixed with E-B


Mix a small amount of E-B and your chosen water-based paint first to test compatibility. Assuming no problems are encountered, mix four parts paint with one part E-B.

If the paint thickens after mixing with E-B, mix in water until the product once again resembles its original state.

Apply the paint according to the manufacturer instructions; mixing it with E-B should not change the application process. Remember to use E-B only for the first coat, and use the product untreated for subsequent coats.


As E-B is usually used as a mix-in treatment, coverage depends on the paint or varnish that is being treated. Check the information provided by the manufacturer of your product. Paint that has been mixed with E-B should offer roughly 25% more coverage than untreated paint.

For more information on E-B, head over to the product page by clicking here.

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