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Product Spotlight: Prepdeck exterior wood stripper

What is Prepdeck?

Prepdeck exterior wood stripper is essentially a three-in-one product. Its main purpose, for which it can be used undiluted, is as an effective way to prepare a wooden surface for further treatment by stripping away existing finishes along with stains, marks and grade stamps.

Diluted, Prepdeck can also reduce mill glaze on new wood and prepare the surface to accept a penetrative finish. The product can also be diluted for use as a powerful wood cleaner with the ability to get rid of even difficult marks and stains.

Why Should I Use Prepdeck?

Prepdeck is a powerful and versatile wood stripper. It can thoroughly strip away old finishes to prepare wood for new treatments, get rid of even well-established stains along with other marks such as grade stamps, and provides an extremely effective cleaning action.

Prepdeck is suitable for use on a wide variety of softwoods and hardwoods, and is suitable for almost any exterior wood surface. It can treat decking, fences, sheds and other buildings, garden furniture, and more.

Few products offer either the quality of results or the flexibility that you get from Prepdeck, and few make the task of removing old finishes or preparing new wood as quick and simple.

How to Apply Prepdeck

Surface Preparation

As Prepdeck is itself a surface preparation product, there is only a little that needs to be done to the surface before you use it. If any of the previous finish is loose, peeling, or flaking then this should be removed, and any loose dirt or debris should be brushed off.

Application Tools

  • Synthetic brush
  • Roller with synthetic cover
  • Garden Spray
  • Synthetic scrubbing brush


Shake or stir the product and then dilute it according to your needs. For stripping of old finishes and removal of grade stamps, Prepdeck can be used undiluted. When using Prepdeck for reducing mill glaze, mix one part Prepdeck with four parts water. For use as a cleaner, the ration of Prepdeck to water can be anywhere between 1:5 and 1:20, depending on surface condition and the amount of cleaning necessary.

For stripping, cleaning, and reducing mill glaze apply Prepdeck evenly to the surface with the brush, roller, or garden sprayer. Do not allow the product to dry while you are working.

Wait for 15-30 minutes (or 20 minutes if your goal is reducing mill glaze) and then scrub with a stiff nylon brush in the direction of the grain. If old finishes or stains are not yet lifting, wait a while and try again. Otherwise, continue until the surface has been scrubbed well and then rinse thoroughly with fresh water.

To remove grade stamps, simply apply undiluted Prepdeck, scrub until the stamp has been removed, and then rinse.

After you have rinsed the wood, use Net-Trol to neutralise the wood surface. The only situation in which this is not necessary, is when the new finish will be Tropitech All-in-One.


  • Undiluted – Up to 4m2 per litre
  • Diluted 1:4 – Up to 16m2 per litre
  • Diluted 1:10 – Up to 40m2 per litre

Actual coverage will vary depending on application method, type and texture of the surface.

For more information on Prepdeck, please click here.

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