Textrol: The Number 1 Oil For Exterior Wood

Textrol is our deeply penetrating wood oil, perfect for exterior softwood and hardwood on both horizontal and vertical surfaces. It is a penetrative product which saturates the wood to protect it  from within

Textrol does not hide the grain but instead enhances it and is available in 7 various shades, including clear – perfect for if you want to offer your wood the best protection, without having to change the colour of your wood at all.

Textrol on garden furniture

Because Textrol is a deeply penetrative oil, this means it protects the wood from within, offering the best type of protection. Other products on the market will simply sit on top of the wood’s surface, which will in turn crack, peel and ultimately flake off, leaving the wood below exposed to the elements.


Apply the first coat of Textrol and allow it to penetrate into the wood – approximately 15-30 minutes.

Then apply a second application and again, allow it to penetrate for a further 15-30 minutes. If required repeat this procedure until the wood is saturated i.e. will accept no more oil.

Make sure you do not allow Textrol to become touch dry or dry between coats.

Once the timber is saturated, brush out or wipe up any excess product that has not penetrated to avoid shiny spots.

Remember that Textrol is not a surface coating, its place is within the wood not on the surface.

Textrol on a house

If you take a look at our product page here, you will see that Textrol has many 4 & 5 star reviews, so you can see for yourself how our customers used Textrol on their projects and why they loved the experience of using it.

Take a look at our demonstration video below to see just how easy it is to apply Textrol and how it can enrich the natural beauty of your wood.

If you have any questions regarding the use of Textrol on your next project, please feel free to contact us.

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