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BRAND NEW Shed & Fence Paint launches

We’re so excited to be launching our brand new product Shed and Fence Paint! We’ve been keeping it under wraps through development but now it’s here and ready to buy direct from Owatrol!

What is Shed & Fence paint?

Shed & Fence PaintShed and Fence Paint is a long lasting, high performance opaque wood finish. It is suitable for protecting sheds, fences, cladding and other exterior wood structures.

Shed and Fence Paint is an all-in-one opaque wood protection and finish for sheds and fences. It offers excellent UV protection and when applied to bare wood is guaranteed against peeling and flaking for up to 15 years on vertical surfaces. It is available in 35 different colours and is easy to apply in just 2 coats. Shed & Fence Paint is fortified with Owatrol’s Emulsa-Bond, giving it unrivaled adhesion without the need for lengthy preparation and priming.

How to apply

To use Shed and Fence Paint you need a wood surface free of any other coating. If you have used a finish on your shed before, then you’ll need to strip it with Dilunett, DSP 800 or Prepdeck. If it’s untreated you’ll just need to give it a good clean with Net-Trol. However, if it’s new wood, you’ll need to get rid of the mill glaze before application. Once your wood is completely dry simply apply 1 generous coat and leave it for 3-4 hours. Once dry, apply a second coat – and you’re done!

It’s perfect for protecting sheds and fences but it can be used on many other exterior wood structures too. It’s great for creating a special look to your summer house or a children’s playhouse. With 35 colours to choose from you’ll be able to get just the look you’re after. You can use it on gates and cladding too and even on decking.

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