Before and after using Net-Trol

Removing paint, varnish or stains with Owatrol Dilunett & Net-trol

Sometimes knowing which Owatrol product(s) you need for your wooden restoration project can seem a little bit daunting.

As there are a few steps you need to take to get your project looking its best again, we thought we’d create a little post to show you which Owatrol products you should use for removing paint, varnish or stains.

Which product should I use?

If you have a previously painted wooden surface that is difficult to strip due to its size, has an intricate design, or has a lot of previous layers, then Dilunett is the product for you!

Dilunett is our amazing solvent free paint and coatings remover. It is powerful enough to remove up to 8 previous coatings in just 1 application! It’s ideal for stripping large areas as Dilunett is non-flammable, does not dry out and remains active a long time.

As Dilunett is biodegradable and non flammable, it is even safe to use in poorly ventilated or confined areas.

Dilunett is suitable for almost any surface such as wood, metal and plastic. Due to its gel like consistency, it will not run, making it ideal for use on vertical surfaces.

If, however, you have wooden surfaces that have become grey and dirty due to tannin bleed or weathering caused by mildew, pollution and UV rays, then Net-Trol is the product of choice!

Net-Trol is a powerful wood cleaner and brightener which restores greyed and weathered wood to its natural colour without damaging the wood’s fibres. It effortlessly removes both surface and ground in dirt leaving the wood looking bright and vibrant.

Net-Trol is fast acting and can restore the original colour of your wood surface in as little as 15 minutes with no laborious and backbreaking sanding!

DSP removing multiple layers of paint

Applying Dilunett

Apply a thick coat of Dilunett over the whole surface to be stripped. For woods rich in tannins, work large areas in zones to avoid excessive darkening of the wood.

Remove Dilunett and dissolved paint with a stiff nylon scrubbing brush or paint scraper while flushing with water. The use of hot water makes this part of the job easier. Alternatively, you can use a pressure washer (max 60bars / 870psi).

Thoroughly rinse surface with fresh clean water.

Your wood is now stripped!

Immediately after rinsing and whilst the wood is still wet, you now need to apply Net-Trol to clean and neturalise the wood.

Applying Net-Trol

Whilst the surface is still wet, apply the Net-Trol with a synthetic brush, roller or sponge and work it into the wood by scrubbing it with a stiff brush.

Leave the Net-Trol to stand for approximately 15 – 20 minutes. If the surface starts to dry, you must moisten it again by using a spray of mist application of water.

Then, whilst scrubbing the surface with a stiff brush, rinse the Net-Trol off the wood or alternatively, use a pressure washer (max 60bars / 870psi). If required, you can repeat the procedure.

Allow the wood to dry for 48 hours, then your project is ready for it’s finish!

Before and after applying Net-Trol

Take a look at our demonstration video below to see just how simple it is to restore your wooden projects back to their former glory.

We hope you enjoyed this post all about removing paint, varnish or stains with Owatrol! If you have any other tips, tricks, or advice, please feel free to comment below and share!

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2 thoughts on “Removing paint, varnish or stains with Owatrol Dilunett & Net-trol

  1. can you help me would your product remove cuprinol black ash decking paint I’ve tried Cuprinol to give me some help but have not received any email back. The amount of coats is so thick it’s like rubber sheets coming off.

    1. Hi there Hazel,

      It depends on what Cuprinol is made of. Dilunett is capable of removing oil and alkyd paints, varnish and wood stains.
      It will not work on 2-pack paints, baked-on paints, polyurethane paint or polyurethane varnish.

      I hope this was helpful.

      All the best,
      The Owatrol Team

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