Linitop Classic Acryl applied to wood cladding

Which Woodstain Should You Choose?

Linitop makes a number of great wood treatment and protection products. This means you can be quite confident of finding a product that fits your needs, but it can make it quite hard to work out which product does best match up to your requirements. Here is a roundup of Linitop’s solvent-based wood treatment products, and what each one does best.

Linitop Classic

Linitop Classic packagingLinitop Classic is a good, all-round wood treatment giving protection from the weather as well as excellent UV resistance. It can be used on interior and exterior wood, and comes in a choice of 14 colours including clear. It gives a matte finish for a natural look, and forms a very flexible film to provide only minimal risk of peeling and flaking.

One of the defining features of Linitop Classic is its very high content of solids. This allows each coat to give around twice as much protection as most other wood treatments. Ideal for times when you want to thoroughly protect your wood but, want to apply as few coats as possible. It’s also a great general purpose wood treatment, which will serve you well in most applications.

Linitop Solid

Linitop SolidLinitop Solid packaging shares many of the same characteristics that Linitop Classic offers. It provides excellent weather and UV protection, comes in 10 colours, and is suitable for most interior and exterior wood. Boasting the same high solids content as Linitop Classic, it gives excellent protection with a slightly satin matte finish.

However, it has been formulated to meet some specific challenges that Linitop Classic is not quite so perfect for. It offers a non-drip formula, which makes it easier to apply to vertical surfaces such as shed walls, cladding, or fences. It also provides a higher level of physical protection and even a reviving effect, which makes it the product of choice for older or damaged wood.

Linitop Primer & Finish

Linitop Prim & Finish packagingLinitop Primer & Finish once again shares the defining features of Linitop wood treatments such as strong protection, a range of colours, and a flexible, peel-resistant coat. However, it’s also significantly different from either the Classic or the Solid wood stain and is better suited to a few specific purposes.

Unlike the other two products, this is a penetrating wood treatment. This means it will colour the wood more deeply rather than just staining the surface. Ideal for situations when you want a deeper and more enduring colour. It can be used as a wood treatment on its own, but it can also serve as a primer to use underneath one of Linitop’s other products. Providing a much deeper and more vibrant colour, it improves the endurance of staining. Allowing for the properties of the other products to be combined with the penetrating colouration that Linitop Primer Finish provides. Alternatively, you can use this product as a straightforward penetrating wood stain. It has the added benefit of fungicidal properties for use underneath a clear varnish.

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2 thoughts on “Which Woodstain Should You Choose?

  1. Hello,what product would you recommend for treating a weathered front door.Looks like dried out oak.

    1. Hi there Paul,

      This would depend on what finished look you want to achieve. If you simply wish to restore the original colour of the wood, you could try Polytrol: – we would recommend purchasing a sample pot and testing on a small area.

      If you are looking for a wood oil finish, we would recommend using a product such as Textrol:
      Please be aware that any previous finishes would need to be removed before application of any of our finishes. This is because they are saturating oils and so any previous finishes would create a barrier to stop this saturation and therefore the finished result would be unsightly.

      All the best,
      The Owatrol Team

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