Owatrol Industrial Coatings

Owatrol IndustrialWith increasing demand for pre-finished timber in today’s construction industry, it is imperative to deliver coatings that provide lasting protection for timber in the external environment.

For several years now Owatrol have been supplying Industrial Coatings to the pre-spray market in Europe with great success and the demand for these solutions is increasing in the UK.

Below is an overview of our product range on NBS Source all authored to NBS specification standards and have both CAWS and Uniclass 2015 classifications. Simply select your chosen product(s) and highlight the relevant items to match your product finish, colour and accessory requirements.

But why Owatrol over existing brands in a thriving market?

  • Penetrative Coatings – non-film forming
  • Protection not just decoration
  • Simple application process – timber finished in one day
  • Wide range of colours plus we will colour match for minimal quantities

Owatrol’s water-based, eco-friendly Industrial Coatings penetrate into the timber pores to provide a protective solution for the cell structure.  They do not peel or flake and therefore provide a lasting performance that does not leave an unsightly mess after a few years in situ.

The re-coating time for these solutions is 20-30 minutes when using spray machines, where film-forming coatings generally require between 24-36 hours for re-coating.  This provides the spray company with unparalleled time savings!

With successful projects across Europe and technical specialists to support you with you, Owatrol has the solution to deliver success to your projects.

SI106 Waterborne, Penetrating Wood Finish

SI106 is a waterborne, penetrating wood finish for industrial application. Based on a mix of alkyd and acrylic resins, SI106 is non-film forming, so will not crack, peel or flake. Saturating, sealing and stabilising the wood, it minimises cracking, warping and other damage caused by the sun and moisture. Containing premium, UV absorbing transoxide pigments, SI106 provides a long lasting, rich matt finish on soft and hardwoods, accentuating the natural beauty of the wood.

Download the SI106 Technical Data Sheet.SI106 Colour swatches

ProSolid Stain Opaque Acrylic Coating

ProSolid Stain is an opaque acrylic coating specially designed for factory controlled application on porous substrates. It has a rich matt finish and gives excellent surface protection from UV damage. It is fast-drying allowing for rapid recoating and can be applied by either spraying or flow coating.

Download the ProSolid Stain Technical Data Sheet.