Before and after of a boat's gelcoat being cleaned

Marine Strippers & Cleaners

Boats are exposed to the elements, sometimes 24/7, so they tend to get dirty.
If your boat needs cleaning and reviving, our marine strippers and cleaners’ range will have something for your boat’s need. From wood colour restoration, to cleaners for your engine or bilge, to dirt and grime removal from awnings and sails.

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  • Marine Strip at work on a gelcoat
    Marine Strip packaging

    Marine Strip

    From £26.14

    Solvent-free paint and antifouling stripper for marine use

  • Deck after being cleaned with Deck Cleaner
    Deck Cleaner packaging

    Deck Cleaner

    From £26.14

    Cleaner and brightener for all types of weathered marine wood

  • Owayell before and after use on gelcoat
    Marine Owayell


    From £32.51

    Gelcoat and metal renovator removes limescale, rust spots & yellowing

  • Application of Blackbat to a hull
    Blackbat 2-in-1 500ml

    Blackbat 2 in 1

    From £30.84

    Fender cleaner & black mark remover

  • Rinsing off Owaclean from a boat gelcoat
    Owaclean packaging


    From £24.56

    Concentrated all-purpose hull and deck cleaner

  • Owatrol Deep Cleaner after being used on a boat deck
    Deep Cleaner packaging

    Deep Cleaner


    Deep Cleaner is a powerful, water washable, solvent free oil remover and cleaner

  • Before application of Pura-Trol to alloy
    Pura-Trol 1L packaging


    From £32.35

    Concentrated multi-purpose industrial-strength cleaner

  • Owataud awning and cover cleaner


    From £38.33

    Professional grade awning and cover cleaner

  • Owanett used on an engine
    Owanett packaging



    Engine and bilge cleaner and degreaser