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Engine and bilge cleaner and degreaser

Owanett packaging
  • Dissolves and removes grease, mineral oils, fats from dirt encrusted motors.
  • Removal of accidental oil spills and hydrocarbons that cannot be collected.
  • Leaves no greasy deposit after rinsing.
  • Dissolves and emulsifies.
  • Concentrated formula - Highly economical.

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Owanett is an engine and bilge degreaser which cleans and unclogs and leaves no greasy deposit after rinsing. It is a concentrated formula which dissolves and removes grease, mineral oils and fats from dirt encrusted motors.

Owanett is perfect for removal of accidental oil spills and hydrocarbons that cannot be collected. It is also a concentrated formula making it highly economical.

Note: Use only the recommended dilutions. Do not use undiluted.

Ideal uses for Owanett

  • Perfect for use on bilges, engines, mechanical parts
  • Also suitable for hulls and deck
  • Cleaning and degreasing motors

Always read the Owanett Technical Data Sheet before using and follow the instructions carefully.

Surface Preparation

  • Protect surfaces you do not wish to treat.
  • Always test on a small inconspicuous area first.
  • Use appropriate protective clothing – gloves & goggles.
  • When applying by spray, adjust nozzle to prevent formation of a mist.
  • DO NOT use undiluted.


  • Make up diluted solution as dictated by the surface contamination.
  • Stir or shake solution well to ensure Owanett is well mixed in.
  • Apply diluted Owanett to surface using brush, sponge or pump sprayer.
  • Gently agitate treated surface.
  • Allow to work 10 minutes (MAX).
  • Rinse surface with fresh clean water using a hose, power washer or bucket and sponge (change water regularly).
  • If required repeat process.

Clean Up



Keep from freezing and high temperatures. Close container tightly after use. Store left over product in original container. Store in cool, dry place.


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Dilution: Dirty surfaces: 1 part Owanett to 20 parts water Very dirty surfaces: 1 part Owanett to 10 parts water. Do not use undiluted.
Tools: Brush, pump spray
Suitable for: Exterior
Clean up: Water
Working Time: 10 minutes MAX
Suitable Surfaces: Bilges, engines, mechanical parts, hulls, decks etc