D1 Pro applied to a deck

Exterior Wood Preservers

Our exterior wood preserver range consists of a wide variety of finishes to suit every project and taste. From wood oils that protect and accentuate the natural beauty of the wood, to premium matte opaque coloured paint finishes, to protecting and maintaining your wooden surfaces in its natural state, there truly is something for everyone’s preferred style.

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  • Textrol used on terrace
    Textrol 1L packaging


    From £40.94

    Penetrating oil for wood with UV protection

  • Deks Olje D1 applied to a garden deck
    Deks Olje D1 1L packaging

    Deks Olje D1

    From £40.10

    Saturating wood oil with a clear matt finish

  • SCS applied to cladding
    SCS packaging

    Solid Colour Stain

    From £53.38

    All-in-one exterior masonry and wood opaque matt finish in 35 shades

  • Textrol HES applied to wooden cladding
    Textrol HES packaging

    Textrol HES

    From £64.22

    Single-coat saturating oil finish with enhanced UV protection

  • Aquadecks Honey being applied via brush
    Aquadecks 5L packaging


    From £46.91

    Water-based penetrating finish for new and weathered wood

  • Seasonite used to protect shed
    Seasonite packaging


    From £30.94

    New wood protection - stabilises and protects new wood

  • D1 Pro used on a garden deck by R&A Pressure Washing Ltd
    D1 Pro Packaging

    D1 Pro

    From £45.30

    High performance saturating wood oil for hardwoods

  • Shed & Fence Paint applied to fence
    Shed and Fence Paint 2.5L

    Shed & Fence Paint

    From £60.49

    All-in-one treatment and opaque matt finish for sheds and fences

  • Before and after Compoxell
    Compoxell 2.5L packaging


    From £37.48

    Protect, enhance and revive the colour of composite wood

  • Antislip applied to pool decking
    Antislip packaging


    From £36.58

    Non-slip protection for all wood species for an anti-slip surface

  • H4 Wood used on cladding
    H4 Wood and Stone

    H4 Wood & Stone

    From £34.85

    Colourless waterproof protection for softwood and hardwood

  • teak olje used on garden furniture
    Teak Olje packaging

    Teak Olje

    From £22.52

    Premium hardwood oil for interior and exterior use

  • Application of PCD 91
    PCD 91 2.5L packaging

    PCD 91

    From £31.01

    End-grain protection for pressure treated wood

  • Tropitech on poolside deck
    Tropitech packaging


    From £201.26

    All-in-one water-based coloured protecting wood finish

  • Decking Paint Aged Grey on wood
    Aged Grey Decking Paint Swatch with tin

    Decking Paint – Aged Grey

    From £60.49

    Premium and long-lasting matt opaque finish for decking

  • Aquatrol applied to wood cladding
    Aquatrol packaging


    From £41.41

    Water-based exterior saturating wood oil with a matt-satin finish

  • Decking Paint Grey on wood
    Grey Decking Paint swatch with tin

    Decking Paint – Grey

    From £60.49

    Premium and long-lasting matt opaque finish for decking

  • Decking Paint Black on wood
    Black Decking Paint Swatch with tin

    Decking Paint – Black

    From £60.49

    Premium and long-lasting matt opaque finish for decking