Close up of Owatrol Textrol HES used by Branson Lesiure on benches in London

Textrol HES used to finish and protect London benches

Kris over at Branson Leisure recently got in touch with us to showcase that Textrol HES had been used to finish and protect some London benches of theirs.

We think you will agree the finished results are simply stunning.


The Royal Exchange in London – Finished with Textrol HES, Rustic Oak:

Bespoke round feature seat at Haven Lakeland, Cumbria – Finished with Textrol HES, Rustic Oak:

Iroko A-Frame picnic tables in Westminster – Finished with Textrol HES, Rustic Oak:

Bespoke Westminster 2.58m backless benches for St Johns Wood High Street – Finished with Textrol HES, Rustic Oak:


Don’t just take our word for it – here’s what Kris from Branson Leisure had to say about Owatrol:

I first came across Owatrol approximately 15 years ago when researching and looking into outdoor oils and finishes for the hardwood street furniture we manufacture. I believe we then used our first Owatrol product in 2018 but now continuously since 2020.

Our preferred product to use is Textrol HES and the main reason we really like this product is because its a one coat application and relatively easy to apply. Where we have customers who prefer a water based product we will always opt for Aquadecks.

We prefer to apply them by brush. With Textrol HES, we brush it on and leave the oil to naturally absorb into the timber and then wipe off any excess after approximately 20-30 mins via brush or cloth. We’re really impressed with the lifespan the product has on our furniture and the finish is a really stunning natural matt.

We have used so many different brands/products over the past 20 years and can happily say we have finally found the best product for our furniture.

What is Textrol HES?

Textrol HES packagingTextrol HES is a single-coat, highly saturating oil finish for exterior softwoods and European hardwoods. It can be used on both new or aged timber, thermally heated wood and on both horizontal and vertical surfaces. It has been specially developed to penetrate deep inside the wood, with a high solids content that protects the wood against the vagaries of the weather and UV rays.

Textrol HES is available in 5 shades, including Clear, with a matt-sheen finish to enhance the grain and showcase the natural beauty of the wood. Maintenance is also minimal, with just a clean and a single application coat only required once every couple of years (or longer). This makes it a sound investment for the future.

We hope you found this post on Textrol HES being used to finish London benches interesting.

All image credit to Branson Leisure – thank you for allowing us to share your work and thank you for using Textrol HES. You can learn more about Branson Leisure on their website or via the Branson Leisure Facebook page.

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Textrol HES used to finish and protect London benches by Branson Leisure - Pinterest

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