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Decorating can really make a project come to life and make it finally feel finished.
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Biophilic design

Over the last couple of years, biophilic design has become more and more popular. With a lot of people stuck indoors, bringing nature inside the home or office space not only looks great but has helped people’s wellbeing. What is biophilic design? The word biophilic comes from the word biophilia which means a love of […]

Small pink and white play house

This post is all about playhouse inspiration! If you want to build a playhouse in your garden, or maybe you’ve got one but want to jazz it up a little, hopefully we can give you some ideas. There are so many possibilities when it comes to playhouses, so really it just depends on how good […]

Man cutting in around window frame

How to cut in paint perfectly

Posted on in Decorating

One of the most common things beginner painters run into is cutting in paint on ceilings, around skirting boards and other areas that require a neat straight line of paint. Today we are going to be going through some of our top tips to help you cut in paint perfectly every time. Whether you are […]

Polytrol F.A.Q's

We get a lot of FAQ’s about our colour restorer Polytrol. It’s a fairly unique product and so it is understandable that people should have questions about it. To make things quicker and easier, we thought we would consolidate the most popular questions all into one place to make it quick and easy for you […]

Gemma Stone chest of drawers after

We recently received some amazing pictures from Gemma of Gemma Stone Upholstery where she used products from our Spirit range to upcycle a chest of drawers. We think you will agree that the difference is amazing and looks like a completely different piece of furniture now. How did Gemma achieve this look? Gemma created the […]

Blue armchair in front of a painted wall

How to save money on paint

Posted on in Decorating

As much as we all love a freshly decorated project, it can be expensive. So today we want to share some of  our top tips on how to save money on paint so you can have the room, deck, shed or fence of your dreams for less! There are a wide variety of things you […]

Lissi's kitchen arch close up

You may have seen the current trend of painted arches and wondered how to achieve the look in your own home. So, we’re here to show you just how easy it is! Take a look at our step-by-step guide to learn all about how to create a painted arch. Supplies Tape measure String Pencil Level […]

Antique crackle applied to a wooden frame

The Owatrol Spirit range has two products to create decorative crackle paint effects on any surface. For a small crackle, we suggest you use Crackle Spirit. For larger cracks with a natural weathered antique finish, we recommend you use Antik Crackle Spirit. Before you start your project you will need to check if the surface […]