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Floetrol paint conditioner used in kitchen makeover, close up - Credit to SD Painting and Decorating

Whether you are a professional by trade or an avid weekend DIY-er, using a paint conditioner can help you get the best finish possible. All you need to do is add a small amount of conditioner into your chosen paint, mix it in and you’re good to go! What is a paint conditioner? A paint […]

Man points at mould in the corner of the window.

Mould classifications

Posted on in Decorating

Some types of mould can cause a serious risk to health. In this mould classifications post you will learn about the most common types to better understand which type you may have in your home and how you should treat it. Mould classifications There are many more different types of mould, but they are all […]

Hands with gloves and spray bottle in front of a wall with mould.

According to new research conducted by USwitch, almost two thirds (62%) of people claim to have had an issue with mould in their home at least once, with conditions in the home the most common reason for the spread of mould. With the increase in energy bills, people are also turning on their heating less, which […]

Lady emptying water container of a dehumidifier.

Sadly, mould, mildew and damp are all far too common in the UK – even in new builds! Here we go over some of our top tips for mould prevention to help keep you and you home safe and sound. Top tips for mould prevention There are a wide variety of things you can do […]

Blue and gold Christmas decor

With Christmas right around the corner, there’s no better time than now to check out some of the top Christmas decor trends! Top 10 Christmas Decor Trends 2023 1. Vintage That’s right, vintage is in this year! It has been becoming more and more popular over recent years but 2023 is the year it is […]

Image by oakwood garden rooms - finished with Owatrol Textrol

It’s time for the yearly Owatrol customer showcase! Take a look at just a few of our favourite projects of 2023 as shared by our fantastic customers over on Instagram. We are often tagged or receive before and after photos from our fantastic customers showing us their projects that they have used Owatrol products on. […]

Cubic board image credit to Laurène Ebénisterie close up straight on

French cabinet maker and woodworker Laurène Ebénisterie created this beautiful cubic board and finished it with Owatrol Oleofloor Classic. How did Laurène create this beautiful board? She began by choosing three different shades of wood veneer to create the cube illusion. Once she had decided which ones to use, Laurène then cut, planed, filed and […]

Black wood paint vs shou sugi ban

Dark architecture and design have become more and more popular over the last few years and it’s easy to see why. There is such a wide variety of ways in which dark, bold tones can be utilised. We have seen charred timber (otherwise known as Shou Sugi Ban or Yakisugi) being used more each year, […]

Painted patio tiles by That's So Gemma

Painting patio tiles to give them a new lease of life has become very popular in recent years and it’s easy to see why. It is a quick, easy and very affordable way to help give your garden a makeover. So, we are going to be sharing some of our top tips on how you […]