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We were recently sent in some pictures from a customer that used Dilunett paint remover and Owatrol Deco in the restoration of an iron bench. It was purchased in a pretty sorry state and sadly the wooden seating area was beyond repair. The wooden sections were replaced with new ones and then the metal parts […]

We were recently sent in some pictures from a customer that used Marine CIP and Owatrol Oil in the renovation of her home – a 1930’s Dutch Motordekschuit Barge. At 15m x 4m, it’s a large project which is being tackled in smaller sections. The work began on the starboard deck using a mix of […]

How to cut in paint perfectly

Posted on in Decorating

One of the most common things beginner painters run into is cutting in paint on ceilings, around skirting boards and other areas that require a neat straight line of paint. Today we are going to be going through some of our top tips to help you cut in paint perfectly every time. Whether you are […]

We get a lot of FAQ’s about our colour restorer Polytrol. It’s a fairly unique product and so it is understandable that people should have questions about it. To make things quicker and easier, we thought we would consolidate the most popular questions all into one place to make it quick and easy for you […]

Many boat owners may fall by the wayside when it comes to boat trailer maintenance. However, being that they are required to getting your boat in and out of the water, possibly on a daily or weekly basis, they are very important and should be looked after. Boat trailers are regularly exposed to water, UV […]

Having the right stuff in your bike saddle bag can help you out of all kinds of problems. From fixing a small comfort issue to preventing getting stuck in the back of beyond, we have complied a top 10 list of items we recommend you carry at all times. 1) Emergency tyre patch kit No […]

Although metal garden furniture is known for its durability, it can still become damaged due to weathering and pollution. However, before you decide to throw anything out, there’s usually something that can be done to restore metal garden furniture. With the right products and know-how, restoring your furniture can be surprisingly simple. One of the […]