Textrol applied to wood cladding

Clear Wood Finishes

Our clear wood finish range is for those who want to be able to see the natural beauty of wood in all its glory. With our range of products, you will never need to hide away that beautiful wood ever again. All of Owatrol’s clear wood finishes penetrate deep down into the wooden surface to protect it from within. Other available products create a film on the surface of the wood, which means it will eventually peel and flake off, leaving your wood bare to the elements.

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  • Textrol used on terrace
    Textrol 1L packaging


    From £40.94

    Penetrating oil for wood with UV protection

  • Deks Olje D1 applied to a garden deck
    Deks Olje D1 1L packaging

    Deks Olje D1

    From £40.10

    Saturating wood oil with a clear matt finish

  • Seasonite used to protect shed
    Seasonite packaging


    From £30.94

    New wood protection - stabilises and protects new wood

  • H4 Wood used on cladding
    H4 Wood and Stone

    H4 Wood & Stone

    From £34.85

    Colourless waterproof protection for softwood and hardwood

  • Textrol HES applied to wooden cladding
    Textrol HES packaging

    Textrol HES

    From £64.22

    Single-coat saturating oil finish with enhanced UV protection

  • D2 in use on marine boat hull
    Deks Olje D2 1L packaging

    Deks Olje D2

    From £47.23

    Flexible high gloss oil varnish for interior and exterior wood

  • Application of Vegafloor
    Vegafloor packaging



    Water-based high performance resin varnish for wood flooring

  • Linitop Yacht Vernis used on a sail boat at sea
    Linitop Yacht Vernis Satin

    Linitop Yacht Vernis

    From £16.76

    Colourless, protective water resistant marine varnish with UV protection

  • Clear varnish applied to internal wooden flooring
    Linitop Acryl Parket

    Linitop Acryl Parket

    From £37.38

    Water based, single component polyurethane colourless floor varnish

  • Linitop used on wooden cladding on a house
    Linitop Acryl Prim Packaging

    Linitop Acryl Prim

    From £35.20

    Penetrating water-based wood stain, two-in-one primer and finish

  • Linitop Acryl prim applied to external wood cladding on a house
    Linitop Classic

    Linitop Classic

    From £34.24

    Decorative high performance woodstain with UV resistance

  • Linitop Solid used on external wooden cladding
    Linitop Solid Packaging

    Linitop Solid

    From £41.16

    Protective solvent-based woodstain with new-generation UV filters

  • Linitop Acryl Vernis on dining table and chairs
    Linitop Vernis

    Linitop Vernis

    From £15.55

    Colourless, protective & decorative high resistance varnish for interior wood

  • Acryl Vernis applied to kitchen counter
    Acryl Vernis packaging

    Linitop Acryl Vernis

    From £18.13

    Colourless, protective & decorative water-based varnish for interior wood

  • Linitop Classic Acryl applied to internal wooden cladding
    Linitop Classic Acryl

    Linitop Classic Acryl

    From £37.54

    Decorative satin finish water-based woodstain with UV resistance

  • Linitop Parket Oil used on internal wooden flooring
    Linitop Parket packaging

    Linitop Parket

    From £38.20

    Single component polyurethane floor varnish for interior wood

  • Linitop Prim & Finish used on a fire wood storage hut
    Linitop Prim and Finish

    Linitop Primer & Finish

    From £32.39

    Two-in-one primer and topcoat, penetrating semi-transparent woodstain