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Water-based high performance resin varnish for wood flooring

Vegafloor packaging
  • Polyurethane resin varnish which gives a non-slip finish
  • Easy to use on all types of wood flooring - both new and old and including parquet flooring
  • Excellent scratch resistance, mechanical and chemical resistance
  • Colourless, non-yellowing and resistant to light
  • Enhances the natural look and colour of the wood
  • Available in 1L with a satin finish

Vegafloor is quick drying, odourless, single pack waterbased polyurethane resin finish, that offers resistance to both mechanical and chemical abrasion.

It gives long lasting protection to all wood flooring, with normal to heavy traffic use, making it perfect for using in places such as lounges, dining rooms and staircases.

Due to being water resistant and non-slip, Vegafloor is ideal for using in areas with water content such as bathrooms and kitchens.

Beautifying and maintaining the woods natural appearance, Vegafloor can be applied to all types of wood including exotic hardwoods.

Ideal uses for Vegafloor

  • May be applied over previously solvent or waterborne varnished surfaces.
  • Great for using in bathrooms and kitchens due to it’s non-slip and water resistant nature.
  • Environmentally friendly and water based so safe to use in sensitive areas of the house.
  • Excellent mechanical and chemical resistance, including ammonia based products.
  • Must use Primafloor as a primer before applying Vegafloor.

Always read the Vegafloor Product Information before using and follow the instructions carefully.

Surface preparation

General directions:

Surfaces must be dry, clean, free of dirt, grease and other surface contamination including previous coatings.
Vegafloor can only be applied to bare wood surfaces or wood surfaces previously finished with Vegafloor or a solvent or waterborne floor varnish in good condition.
ALL other finishes MUST be completely and thoroughly removed.
Always clean meticulously with a vacuum cleaner after each sanding, including any dust traps (skirting, radiators, pipes, window sills, etc).
Sand wooden floor using appropriate system and abrasive grades, depending on condition of surface and wood species.
Cracks of 2 mm wide or less should be filled with Lianfloor and sanding resumed with 80 or 100 grit paper depending on the last grit used.
Finish with finishing grade up to grit No. 120 or 150 depending on the wood species and thickness of wear layer.
Prime all bare wood surfaces with Primafloor.

Sanding grades

(change only one sanding grade at a time)

Course Grades: 24, 30, 36
Medium Grades: 40, 50, 60
Finishing Grades: 80, 100, 120, 150

New wood surfaces:

Degrease surface with denatured alcohol, acetone or similar solvent based product.
Prepare and sand surface as instructed in “General directions” above.

Previously treated surfaces (oiled or polished):

Previously oiled or polished surfaces should be dry stripped with DSP 800.
After stripping degrease surface with with denatured alcohol, acetone, white (mineral) spirit or similar solvent based product.
Prepare and sand surface as instructed in “General directions” above.

Previously varnished surfaces in good condition:

Clean floor meticulously with Soapclean. Repeat procedure if required.
Sand surface with grit No 100 or 120 to remove surface imperfections and dull existing finish.
Meticulously vacuum surface.

Previously treated surfaces in poor condition:

Remove existing finish by sanding or stripping with DSP 800.
After stripping degrease surface with with denatured alcohol, acetone, white (mineral) spirit or similar solvent based product.
Prepare and sand surface as instructed in “General directions” above.


• Facing the light and starting opposite the door so as to work towards it, apply a first even and generous coat of Vegafloor. Always maintain a wet edge to avoid overlaps.
• Start with a brush at the edges, then do the remaining surface with a roller, working in areas of 2 metres by 2 metres.
• Do 3 criss-cross passes in one application.
• Allow to dry for 4 hours depending on the ambient conditions.
• Sand floor (grit No. 150 to 180) to dull the surface and aid adhesion of the 2nd coat.
• Apply 2nd coat of Vegafloor. Do not leave more than 12 hours between application of the 1st and 2nd coat.

Recommendations after application

• Wait at least 48 hours before replacing any furniture. Protect base of feet with soft pads.
• DO NOT cover varnished floors with carpets or protective covers for a minimum of 15 days after application of Vegafloor.

Clean up

All that is required for clean up s water.

Things to remember

• Protect everything that does not have to be coated.
• Remove all furniture and furnishings.
• Remove plants and flowers. Remove or cover fish tanks.
• Compatible with wood that has previously been treated with Sanixyl.
• Mix carefully before application. Do not shake.
• Use as is. Do not dilute.
• Do not apply at an ambient air and wood temperature of less than 10°C or greater than 25°C
• Only apply Vegafloor to wood surfaces whose moisture content is 15% or less.
• Never sand primed or stained wood prior to applying finishing coat.
• In all cases, comply with the applicable standards.
• To avoid product drying to fast do not open windows during application of Vegafloor.
Note: If product is shaken, allow to stand for 2 hours before using.


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This coverage indication is only a guide and actual coverage is dependent on surface type, age, porosity etc.
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Coverage: 6-7m2 per litre per coat
Tools: Brush, Roller
Suitable for: Interior use
Clean up: Water
Drying Time: Dust dry: 2 hours, Touch dry: 3-4 hours, Sandable: 4 hours, Normal use: 24 hours, Intensive use: 2 weeks
Re-coating Time: 4-12 hours
Suitable Surfaces: All wooden flooring (new & old)

Technical Data

Read the full technical information for MSDS for Vegafloor on our corporate website.