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Solvent-free wood oil remover which strips new and old oils

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  • Removes previously applied oils including teak oil from any external wood surface
  • Restores the natural colour of the wood
  • Gel consistency will not run making it ideal for vertical surfaces
  • Prepares wood for a new coating, improving penetration and adhesion
  • Suitable for environmentally sensitive areas

Aquanett is a powerful, biodegradable, water washable remover and cleaner that strips out new, old and encrusted oils from exterior wooden surfaces blackened by UV rays and also cleans severely weathered wood.

Free from solvents and paraffin, it is suitable for environmentally sensitive areas as it’s gel consistency means it will not run, making it perfect for use on vertical surfaces.

Easy to apply and fast acting, Aquanett quickly and efficiently removes the millglaze, which is created in the manufacturing process, from the surface of new wood, thus improving the penetration and adhesion of a finish.

Please contact us for additional information and advice prior to using Aquanett on Oak and Chestnut.

Ideal uses for Aquanett

  • Can be used on all exterior wood; Pressure treated woods, Softwoods, Hardwoods, Thermowood etc
  • Exterior wood surfaces; Garden furniture, Decking, Cladding etc
  • Perfect for horizontal or vertical surfaces due to its gel-like consistency.
  • Biodegradable making it great for use in environmentally sensitive areas.
  • For wood that requires the removal of millglaze, making sure you get the best possible finish.

Important things to remember

Do not allow the product to sit on the surface for any longer than 5 minutes.

Always neutralise with Net-Trol after using Aquanett – this is to stop the active ingredient from continuing to strip the wood.

This Product is DeckMark & CladMark Certified.

Find out more

Always read the Aquanett Product Information before using and follow the instructions carefully.

Surface Preparation

Remove any loose and flaking finish.
Brush off any physical surface contamination i.e. moss, general dirt etc


Removal of oils and millglaze

NB: The use of hot water makes the job easier.
Please contact us for additional information and advice prior to using Aquanett on Oak and Chestnut.

  • Apply a thick coat of Aquanett over the whole surface to be stripped. For large areas work in zones.
  • Allow product to work (max 5 minutes).
  • Scrub the surface with a stiff nylon scrubbing brush while flushing with water. To flush the water you can use a pressure washer (max. 60 bars / 870 psi), a garden hose or other water source.
  • Thoroughly rinse the surface after stripping with fresh clean water.
  • After stripping and rinsing, surfaces must immediately be treated with Net-Trol while still wet to neutralise the surface.

Clean up

Due to Aquanett being biodegradable all you require for clean up is water.

Things to remember

Always carry out a preliminary test prior to commencing the job.
Wear chemical resistant gloves, safety goggles and protective clothing.
Hardwoods including exotic hardwoods and woods rich in tannins i.e. Cedar, Oak, Teak, Ipe etc may darken with Aquanett.
Where Aquanett has darkened the wood DO NOT allow it to dry, prior to using Net-Trol.
Treat stripped wooden surfaces with Net-Trol to restore the woods original colour.
Cover and protect everything you do not wish to strip, including plants and shrubs and any aluminium surfaces.
When stripping vertical surfaces, work from bottom to top to avoid streaking.
Apply between 5°C and 35°C.
Do not apply in direct sunlight or on a hot surface.
Do not allow Aquanett to dry on the surface. If drying occurs, dampen with a mist application of water.
Please contact us for additional information and advice prior to using Aquanett on Oak and Chestnut.

5 reviews for Aquanett

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  1. Avatar

    Brendan Horton

    Used Aquanett and netrol on my grey Balau decking according to the instructions and didn’t do what is supposed to. Very disappointed in both. One photo is of 2 coats of netrol and one photo of 1 coat of aquanett and 1 of netrol.

    • Owatrol Team

      Owatrol Team

      Hi there Brendan,

      We are sorry to hear that you did not get the results you were looking for with Owatrol.

      Can I please ask you to send some photos along with an explanation as to how you applied these products to the technical department: tech@owatroluk.com where they can investigate and best help you with a solution.

      All the best,
      The Owatrol Team

  2. Avatar

    Peter Verified Owner

    I used this on some blackened Cedar cladding on our house and it made a huge difference to the finish. I was expecting to have to replace the affected wood but this brought it back to close to new finish.
    It is essential to neutralise with Netrol afterwards otherwise it keeps working and you can’t put a finishing coat on.
    I also used this to remove splashes of Textrol from windows and metal fittings. It can take a long time to take effect but it eventually helped remove the dried on oil.
    Strongly recommend wearing goggles with this product as it hurts if splashed in your eye.

  3. Avatar

    Richard Fulcher Verified Owner

    Had Iroko gates fitted 3 years ago and told to use Tung Oil on them to maintain them – This left them black and looking awful.
    Just finished using Aquanett, Net-Trol and D1 pro, on them and they now look as new. Really good products that really work. Could not recommend them enough.

  4. Avatar


    Great product. Stripped back 10 years of neglect from teak garden furniture with little effort. I did need to use 2 coats and the pressure washer took all of the effort out of it. I am now planning to sort out wall cladding

  5. Avatar

    Sandy Langford

    please would you pass on my grateful thanks to Ken for the free Aquanet to sort the rain damage to the then newly treated Textrol decking [we had unexpected rain mid-application]. We have now had sufficient good weather to try it out and it has certainly worked. I have also used it to remove some Textrol splash marks from the white upvc step too where I had tried all sorts of things to remove them but none had any effect whatsoever until Aquanett.

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Coverage: 4m² per litre
Tools: Synthetic brush/scrubbing brush, roller with synthetic cover
Suitable for: Exterior use
Clean up: Water
Working Time: Up to 5 mins
IMPORTANT: Always neutralise after with Net-Trol
Suitable Surfaces: All exterior wood coated with wood oils