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Linitop Classic Acryl

Decorative satin finish water-based woodstain with UV resistance

Linitop Classic Acryl
  • Non-drip for easy application and a perfect finish
  • Available in 6 stylish coloured finishes
  • High performance water-based wood stain with excellent UV resistance
  • Water repellent and microporous surface
  • Enhances the wood and maintains its natural appearance

Linitop Classic Acryl is our new water-based version of our best-selling solvent-based stain Linitop Classic. It is a high performance, water-based wood stain with a semi-transparent satin finish and is currently available in 6 of our most popular coloured finishes. It is micro-porous and water repellent with a highly flexible film that reduces the risk of peeling and flaking. Linitop Classic Acryl is long lasting and provides high UV and weather resistance with minimal maintenance – approximately every 5 years.

Being water-based, Linitop Classic Acryl is quick-drying and can be re-coated after just 6 hours. This makes it perfect if you’re looking for a product which can be applied quickly and easily both internally and externally – and with simple soap and water clean up it’s not going to take long. It’s also non-drip so application is smooth and simple with a brush, roller or by sprayer.

For an even richer colour, you can use a basecoat of Linitop Acryl Prim which will penetrate the wood, staining the fibres. You can then continue with 2 coats of Linitop Classic Acryl in the usual manner to achieve a particularly rich colour but still get the enhanced UV protection.

What can I use Linitop Classic Acryl water-based wood stain for?

  • Low-maintenance protection of sheds and fences
  • Decorating gates and trellis in stylish colours
  • Providing weather resistance for exterior vertical surfaces
  • Staining interior doors and window frames

Always read the Classic Acryl Product Information before using and follow the instructions carefully.

Recommendations before application

  • Ready for use, do not dilute.
  • Shake well before application
  • Do not apply at an ambient air and wood temperature of less than 10°C and greater than 30°C. The relative humidity will be of the order of 50% for optimum drying
  • Protect everything that does not have to be treated
  • The moisture of the wood must not be greater than 12%
  • When using indoors, use in well ventilated areas

To protect the wood against UV, do not use colourless outside by itself as the finishing coat. Always finish with 2 coloured coats.

Surface Preparation

Use on wood whole usage, nature, quality, treatments and preparation comply with the applicable standards and DTU (DTU 59.1). The inspection and preparation of the surface are the responsibility of the user.

The wood must be dry, clean, sound, free on millglaze and prepared (degreased, sanded, dusted according to the standard practises for this type of work).

New wood surfaces

  • Prepare the surface (sand with coarse and medium grade according tot he condition of the surface). Then finish by fine sanding (grit 120) according to standard practices. This will encourage and optimise the opening of the pores.

Already stained wood

  • Meticulously roughen the entire surface to enable better adhesion (grit 280).

Previously coated surfaces

All previous coatings must be completely and thoroughly removed.

  • Oils and sealers: Strip with Aquanett or Prepdeck then neutralise with Net-Trol
  • Solvent (oil or alkyd based finishes): Strip with Dilunett then neutralise with Net-Trol
  • Acrylic finishes (Water-based): Strip with Prepdeck then neutralise with Net-Trol
  • Other finishes i.e. 2 pack epoxies, urethanes etc: Strip with DSP 800 then clean the surface to remove residual paraffin

Note: Hardwoods and woods rich in tannins e.g. Oak, Chestnut, Douglas Fir, Cedar, etc. may darken with Aquanett, Prepdeck and Dilunett, neutralising with Net-Trol immediately after rinsing will lighten and restore the woods colour.

Application Guidance

Application tools

  • Brush, roller, spray gun


New wood surfaces

Greyed wood

Previously coated surfaces

  • Remove any previous coatings by using one of our strippers listed under ‘previously coated surfaces’
  • Once clean and completely dry, apply a coat of Linitop Prim and Finish or Acryl Prim
  • Once fully dry, apply 2 coats of Classic Acryl


Minor regular maintenance

  • Apply 1-2 coats of Classic Acryl depending on the condition of the surface after sanding.

Highly damaged surface maintenance

  • Remove any previous coatings by using one of our strippers listed under ‘previously coated surfaces’
  • Once clean and completely dry, apply a coat of Linitop Prim and Finish or Acryl Prim
  • Once fully dry, apply 2 coats of Classic Acryl

Clean Up

Clean all tools and equipment with water.

Tips from the Professionals

  1. Always apply Linitop Classic Acryl in the direction of the grain
  2. On new or stripped wood that is not durable and has not been treated with a preservative, it is recommended to first treat the wood with an insecticide, fungicide and anti-blue stain agent
  3. During application, pay close attention to grooves and end grains
  4. When working with a spray gun, smooth with a brush to avoid any running and to aid the penetration of the product


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This coverage indication is only a guide and actual coverage is dependent on surface type, age, porosity etc.
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Coverage: 14m2 per litre
Tools: Brush, roller, spray gun.
Suitable for: Interior and Exterior use
Clean up: Water
Drying Time: 6 hours
Suitable Surfaces: All woods

Technical Data

Read the full technical information for Linitop Classic Acryl including MSDS on our corporate website.