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Deks Olje D2

Flexible high gloss oil varnish for interior and exterior wood

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Deks Olje D2 1L packaging
  • Flexes and moves with the wood so will not craze, peel, flake or blister
  • No sanding between coats and simple ‘touch-up’ maintenance with no stripping
  • Highly transparent varnish which enhances the natural beauty of the wood
  • For use after Deks Olje D1 has been applied
  • Can be used in a marine environment for all applications above the waterline

Deks Olje D2 is a varnish-like, tough, flexible and durable finish that enhances the natural beauty of both interior and exterior wood. It forms a highly flexible film which moves with the wood to prevent peeling and flaking. Deks Olje D2 is easy to apply and to maintain and the more coats you apply the more high gloss the finish will be. No sanding is required between coats and maintenance and repair can also be carried out without stripping!

Before using Deks Olje D2, all wood surfaces should be treated and protected with Deks Olje D1 saturating wood oil. Unlike traditional varnishes, Deks Olje D2 will not craze or blister and because of Deks Olje D1’s penetrating qualities it will not peel or flake as water is unable to get into the wood. On boats, D2 can be used for all applications above the waterline but please note that due to the high gloss finish it is not suitable for surfaces which will be walked on as it would be very slippery.

Ideal Uses for Deks Olje D2 High gloss oil

  • Giving an elegant and sophisticated look to wood panelling
  • Finishing accents on your boat like handrails, wheel housings and trims
  • Perfecting window and door frames
  • Varnishing vertical or horizontal surfaces
  • Decorating wooden furniture both inside and out

This Product is DeckMark & CladMark Certified.

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Always read the Deks Olje D2 Technical Data Sheet before using and follow the instructions carefully.

Surface Preparation

New wood

All new wood must first be treated with Deks Olje D1.

Weathered wood previously treated with Deks Olje D1

Surfaces must first be clean, dry and free of all surface contamination. Clean and restore any Deks Olje D1 that has lightened to a grey finish, with Net-Trol, before applying Deks Olje D2.

Wood already treated with Deks Olje D2

See maintenance.

Applying Deks Olje D2 high gloss oil

Do not thin Deks Olje D2.

Apply 6 coats, allowing a minimum of 12 hours between coats. All coats should be applied within 1 month.

Sanding between coats is not required but for an extra high gloss finish, sand between the last 2 coats with 600 grit paper.

If using in the marine environment, allow 3 days for Deks Olje D2 to set-up and dry before putting the boat in service.

Clean Up

Clean all tools and equipment with white spirits while still wet. If allowed to dry, remove with paint stripper. Wipe up any drips or runs immediately with a cloth soaked in white spirits. Dried Deks Olje D2 may be removed with Dilunett. Store and maintain equipment as directed by the manufacturer.

Note: Any rags, steel wool etc. soaked in D2 may spontaneously catch fire if improperly discarded. Any rags, steel wool etc. must be saturated with water after use or placed in a sealed, water filled metal container, before disposing of it with household waste.


Wash frequently with fresh water to remove salt and dirt (especially in marine applications).

Areas that have worn back to Deks Olje D1 treated wood

Sand with 320 grit paper. Clean worn area with Net-Trol and leave it to dry. Then top up the Deks Olje D1. Then apply the required number of Deks Olje D2 coats to bring the surface up to the level of the existing finish.

Rough or abraded areas

Wet sand the surface using 320 grit paper and Deks Olje D1 as the lubricant. Then wipe it over with a clean, dry, lint-free cloth and leave it to dry 24 hours. Apply 2 coats (minimum) or more of Deks Olje D2 to restore the finish.

New full coat

Wet sand the whole surface using 320 grit paper and Deks Olje D1 as the lubricant. Then wipe it over with a clean, dry, lint-free cloth and leave it to dry 24 hours. Apply 1 or 2 coats of Deks Olje D2 as desired.


Deks Olje D2 should only be applied to surfaces treated with Deks Olje D1 or previously finished with Deks Olje D2.

Do not apply Deks Olje D2 in wet weather or late in the day when dew or fog may be expected. This may dull a newly set film causing it to blush – exposure to sunlight usually removes the discoloration.

Deks Olje D2 is very slippery, especially when wet and we, therefore, do not recommend the use of it on decks and other areas where it will be walked on.

Things to Remember

  • Cover everything you do not wish to paint.
  • Apply between 8˚C and 35˚C.
  • Do not apply in direct sunlight or on to hot surfaces.

2 reviews for Deks Olje D2

  1. Avatar

    Wilf Bishop

    I Have used Deks Olje 1 & 2 for many years on a range of sailing dinghies and small sailing cruisers that have wooden masts and spars and to maintain the outstanding brightwork finish every winter I simply give a very light wet & dry sanding to the spars using DO1 as the cutting lubricant followed by a single coat of DO2 after the recommended drying time following the DO1 wet sanding. The only slight problem is that now since I have only one set of wooden mast & spars to maintain for my little Cornish Cormorant sailing dinghy and very little brightwork I only need a small quantity of DO2 for this annual refurbishment and after a couple of years the half-full 1 litre tin of DO2 inevitably gells-up and is unusable. Maybe 500ml tins may be available one day? Nevertheless the Deks Olje 1/2 system is simply the best, durable and robust treatment for marine brightwork that’s available.

  2. Avatar

    Debra Robinson Verified Owner

    Best product I have ever bought for my decking

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Coverage: 15m2 per litre
Tools: Brush, Roller,
Suitable for: Exterior & Interior use (above the waterline)
Clean up: White Spirit
Drying Time: 12-24 hours per coat depending on temperature & humidity
Re-coating Time: 12 hours (apply all coats within 1 week)
Suitable Surfaces: New & weathered softwoods & hardwoods