Floetrol paint conditioner used in kitchen makeover, close up - Credit to SD Painting and Decorating

Why use a paint conditioner?

Whether you are a professional by trade or an avid weekend DIY-er, using a paint conditioner can help you get the best finish possible. All you need to do is add a small amount of conditioner into your chosen paint, mix it in and you’re good to go!

What is a paint conditioner?

A paint conditioner is an additive that you mix into paint to give it multiple benefits such as;

  • Improving the flow of paint – this is extremely helpful when it comes to painting in hot or cold environments
  • Significantly reducing brush and roller marks – for a professional looking finish
  • Maintaining the wet edge – allowing you to paint without effort
  • Assuring better adhesion of a finish
  • Improving the overall finish

What makes Owatrol paint conditioners different?

There are many different paint conditioners on the market, however, Owatrol paint conditioners Floetrol and Owatrol Oil have qualities that others don’t.

Owatrol Oil:Owatrol Oil 1L With 300ml Spray Can

  • Can be used in all oil and alkyd-based paints, stains and varnishes including urethane alkyd paints
  • Gives paint rust-inhibiting properties and helps prevent rust from forming on painted surfaces (even when rust is already present)
  • Improves uniformity and coverage of coat by up to 25% more
  • Available in a wide variety of sizes, from 125ml to 20 litres
  • The professional’s choice since 1956

Floetrol:New Floetrol packing 1L and 500ml

  • Can be used in all waterborne paints, wood stains, varnishes (excluding clear) and coatings such as emulsion, acrylic and vinyl
  • When spraying, Floetrol allows up to a 20% reduction in pressure without affecting the spray pattern and reduces wear and tear
  • Does not affect the inherent qualities of the paint or its colour
  • Available in a variety of sizes from 500ml to 10 litres
  • The professional’s choice since 1990

Which should I use for my project?

Whilst both Owatrol Oil and Floetrol do a similar job, the type of paint you want to use will dictate which conditioner you should use.

You should use Owatrol Oil when using oil / alkyd-based coatings and Floetrol when using water-based coatings.

From a professional’s point of view

We recently heard from Steve at SD Painting & Decorating where he showed us some recent kitchen projects of his completed with Owatrol Oil and Floetrol.

Recent projects completed with Owatrol Oil paint conditioner

Recent projects completed with Floetrol paint conditioner


Here’s what Steve had to say about Owatrol paint conditioners:

We first heard about Owatrol from research into paint conditioners, we wanted something that would relax the brush stoke finish and give us a really smooth feel. We found that not only did it give us exactly what we wanted, but the feel of the paint coming of the brush was so much smoother.

We use Owatrol Oil mostly as most of our hand painted kitchen are done in traditional oil based paints. However, not everyone wants to have to live with the smell of oil base paints curing, so that’s when we switch to water-based paints and Floetrol. Again, it does exactly what is advertised and levels the brushed finish lovely. No smell and the same exceptional finish you get from using oil-based paints.

Our method of application is mostly by brush and roller, however we do a lot of cabinetry spraying too. A little drop into the paint and you can see big difference with both methods. Obviously, it helps to thin the paint slightly with white spirit or water but these products really help to keep the paints flow and body. We generally go through one tub of each every six months, so it goes a hell of a long way when used nearly three time a week.

We use these products constantly as we are professional kitchen painters from west London. We work for various different kitchen companies and do a lot of kitchen refurbs as well as newly fitted kitchens. To be at the top of our game we need to use the best products. We won’t be buying or using any other paint additives. We know these products and know they work.

Thank you for your kind words Steve. Be sure to head over to Steve’s website to learn more about him.

We hope you enjoyed this post on why you should use a paint conditioner.

If you have a project that you have completed with an Owatrol product, please get in touch – we would love to feature you! Simply send a few images our way via email or one of our social media channels listed below and we will be in contact.

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All images credit to SD Painting & Decorating.

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