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For all things garden related, here you will find tips and advice on how to keep your garden looking its best, inspiration for unique features and more.

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We thought we would showcase a few of our favourite top decking transformations with Owatrol, to better help you decide on which product is the best option for you! Deck transformation using an Owatrol wood oil finish We have a wide variety of oil based wood finishes available. Our most popular ones are Deks Olje […]

People are working from home now more than ever and one of the best ways to be as productive as possible is to have a specific area to work, such as a garden office. However, it can be a little daunting to know exactly what you need to make your office a happy and productive […]

Autumn is the perfect time to start thinking and planning how about how you intend to protect your garden furniture come the harsh Winter months. Storage If at all possible you should consider storing your furniture in a shed, garage or any other outbuilding over Winter. This will drastically improve the risk of any moisture-related […]

Hot tub buying guide

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Hot tubs are a great addition to any outdoor space. Whether you are looking for a basic inflatable or an ultimate luxury model with all the bells and whistles it can be a little daunting as to which is right for you. This handy guide will explain the various types and features available to help […]

Deciding on a new deck is something that you may be struggling with. There are so many different types and prices that it can be confusing. One of the biggest questions people have is whether to use timber or composite wood decking. So, today we are going to be answering some of the most popular […]

Today we are going to be answering our top 10 decking questions to help assist you with the decision of installing a deck, or by offering advice for the care and maintenance should you already have one installed. Installing and correctly maintaining a deck can be a great idea for many reasons. It creates a […]

How to paint rocks

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Painting rocks has become very popular – especially in recent years. It’s an activity that easy to do and fun for all ages. Although you can paint rocks for personal use, it has also become a community game. You may have noticed some brightly coloured rocks around when on a walk in your local parks […]

You may be surprised to learn that there are a wide variety of things you can do to your home without the need for planning permission. From simply adding a garden space all the way to installing a swimming pool, we will take you through our top 10 things you can do to your house/garden […]