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Outdoor Living Essentials: Furnishing & Decorating Your Deck

Putting those finishing touches on your garden deck, in the way of furnishings and decor, helps create a comfortable and inviting space. Here we will be exploring a few different themes and styles to help you decide on which outdoor living essentials are perfect for you.

Outdoor furniture

One of the most (if not the most) essential outdoor living items on your garden deck is the furniture.

There is such a wide variety of styles at every price point available. From classic wood to metal, rattan, wicker or even fabric! Take a look at our gallery below to see just a small variety of different styles and get inspired:


Adding decor of things you love and will use help bring your space to life and show off your personality and character.

Perhaps you like the idea of bringing the indoors outside? Filling your space with soft furnishings such as pillows, rugs and blankets?

For the foodies out there, how about installing a pizza oven or bar?

Or perhaps you like the idea of a cosy fire to snuggle up to when the cool temperatures arrive in the evening?


Have you recently installed a deck or are you thinking of doing so soon? If so, we recommend using Owatrol Seasonite. Seasonite dramatically reduces the risk of damage to new wood during its first winter by minimising the greying and weathering process. Once applied, simply wait 6-12 months (6-9 months for softwood, 12 months for hardwood) and you will have a sound surface for your chosen finish to be applied to.

Applying a finish to your wood will not only make it look good, but it will also protect it and increase its longevity. We recommend using a saturating wood finish. This is because it does not form a film on the wood, but rather protects it from within. As such, there can be no unsightly peeling or flaking.

We have a wide variety of finishes, including paints, suitable for all kinds of decks that you can find here.


A garden deck without lighting can be a dangerous place. This is especially so if the deck is large or has various obstacles on it such as furniture.

There is a huge variety of lighting options available now at all different price points, so you really don’t need to hire an electrician and have it be a big expensive project. String/fairy lights can even be enough to create a lovely ambiance, whilst keeping you and your loved ones safe.

Remember to regularly check bulbs have not blown, or that no plants are disrupting any lighting.


Whether you want to add just a touch of colour or you’re big into biophilic design, adding plants to your decking space can give it a much more natural feel. This can be beneficial if you’re worried your deck is looking a little ‘plonked’ into the garden and you want to help it feel more incorporated.

This can be done with just a few plants in pots, hanging baskets, raised beds, trees, or climbing plants that will trail and encompass your pergola. The options are endless!

We hope you found this post on outdoor living essentials; furnishing and decorating your deck helpful.

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