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Decorating can really make a project come to life and make it finally feel finished.
Take a look at some of our recent posts and get inspired.

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As we always say, preparation is key! Behind every good paint job is good preparation. Today we are going to share our top 5 tips on how we recommend you prep your walls for painting. 1) Removing wallpaper If you are planning to remove wallpaper and instead paint your walls, there are a couple of […]

Best paint for kitchen cabinets

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Whilst replacing your kitchen cabinet is a fantastic way to revive the look of your kitchen and give it a makeover, it is not very cost-effective! But don’t worry, there is a very easy way in which you can give your kitchen a new lease of life. Simply by repainting your kitchen cabinets! Although it […]

When most people think of essential decorating tools, they will think, “paintbrush, paint roller, paint tray and masking tape”. While this is a good start, there are many other essential items you should have in your kit. Whether you’re a D.I.Y-er or professional, take a look and see what tools we recommend to make your […]

We have recently launched a new range of decorative finishes! We are excited to share these products with you as they’re different from anything we’ve produced before and allow for some amazing effects and exciting projects. The Owatrol Spirit range consists of 13 products that give you the ability to decorate any surface with a […]

Guide To Buying Primer

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We have all heard of paint primers but are they necessary, and if so, what kind of primer do you need? Why should I use a primer? If you are looking for a nice uniform looking paint job then primers really are the way to go. Primers lay the foundation and give the surface a […]

We recently had an interview with a professional painter decorator, Richard, who explains what really goes on in the decorating world. Introduce yourself and your company Hi, my name is Richard Drew owner of Drew Décor. We specialise in decorating domestic properties, both interior and exterior. From modern homes to Victorian homes we have worked on […]

Guide to buying paint brushes

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This guide to buying paint brushes will help you understand the difference in brushes and which ones will be better suited for your particular project. With so many different types of brushes in a variety of bristle materials, it can be very confusing as to which brush/s you require. Types of brushes Standard brush Available […]

10 Painting Tips You Need To Know

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Painting and decorating may seem simple at first glance, but there are many things that can easily be overlooked. This could easily result in an entire project needing to be re-done. When you do something as important as painting or redecorating, you want to make sure you do a good job.  Generally speaking, the colour/s […]

How to remove & prevent mould

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Have you found mould patches along your walls or ceilings? Are you unsure of how to get rid of it for good? Many people struggle with mould problems in their homes and sadly, if left untreated, it can cause all sorts of problems. What is mould & why do I have it? Mould is a […]

Every first-time buyer can feel overwhelmed by all the various possibilities of what they can do with their new home. So, attending interior design shows can really help you realise how you want your new home to look. There are so many interior design shows out there, but which ones are relevant to first-time buyers? Here’s […]