new acrylic paint pour technique

New paint pouring techniques

Whilst acrylic paint pouring has been around for some time now, we have been seeing more and more new paint pouring techniques being shared. So, we thought we would take a moment to share some of our favourite new techniques we have recently seen.

Take a look at our top 5 new paint pouring techniques below.

Hair dryer

The large flowers created by Rinske Douna are beautiful statement pieces. The simplicity of the pour combined with her use of tools (mainly a hair dryer) and creative eye makes for some fantastic pieces.

Multiple pours on one canvas

This unique style of paint pouring by Olga Soby is so creative and fun. We love the fact that it is essentially two pours on one canvas. The above video is a detailed guide as to how you can create your very own planet/space pour.

Acrylic pouring combined with traditional painting

We love the idea of combining the fluidity of a paint pour with the rigidity of traditional painting. AB Creative does this in a really fun and interesting way and explains her process step by step so you can also try it for yourself.

Using interesting tools after pouring

We love different tools being used in both the pouring process (see below) as well as after the paint has hit the canvas. Fiona’s art used the back of plastic scoops to create wonderful dimension and texture to this piece above. It goes to show that even a standard tool can create such interesting results.

Using a dustpan to create the pour

We love how this piece turned out! Brad Kasten poured his paint into a dustpan and then emptied the dustpan onto the canvas. Such an everyday tool that can create such wonderful effects!

Further information

For more information into the wonderful world of acrylic paint pouring, take a look at a few of our previous posts:

Floetrol & paint pouring

New Floetrol packing 1L and 500mlDid you know we have 2 products in our range that can be used in acrylic paint pouring? Owatrol Floetrol paint conditioner and Aussie-Trol cell activator.

Floetrol is traditionally used to help alleviate the appearance of brush and roller marks when painting walls. It does this by improving the flow and workability of the paint.

However, we have had many artists over the years tell us that they use Owatrol Floetrol in their art pieces, which we are always excited to see and share.

Aussie-Trol 500mlAussie-Trol is our brand new product for 2022 and it is specifically designed for artists that help you to create strong, clear cells and lacing effects.

It preserves the brightness, opacity and texture of the colours, while improving the spread of the paint on the canvas.

If you have used Floetrol or Aussie-Trol in your art, please feel free to send us in some pics via email or social media!

We’d love to see and share your work with the world.



We hope you found this post on new paint pouring techniques interesting. If you have any other tips, tricks or advice, please feel free to leave them in the comments below. We love hearing from you!

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