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Creating cells with Floetrol

We get a lot of questions about how to use Floetrol in paint pouring art. So we decided to get in touch with artist Sarah Levin to learn how she creates cells in her fluid art using Owatrol Floetrol.

Not only did we interview her but she also created this handy video for us to share with you all too!

1. What ratios did you use for this piece?

For this Pearl Pour the paints were mixed as follows: 1 part paint: 2 parts Owatrol Floetrol: 1 part water (approximately). Water is an approximate measure as it is used to achieve the correct consistency. For example, some paints are thicker than others and may need more water to thin them.

2. How did you create this pour?

  • To create this pour I used five colours:
  • Phthalo Green
  • Aqua Green
  • Yellow Green
  • Gold
  • 24K Gold

Using a pre-primed 16” x 16” canvas a puddle of the 24K Gold was poured into the centre of the canvas. I used the 24K Gold as it is great for creating cells! The other colours were poured in layers into a paper cup. Once full the cup was poured gently over the puddle of 24K Gold until all the paint was used.

A cooks blow torch was used to eliminate any air bubbles in the paint. The canvas was then slowly tilted to spread the paint over the canvas and over the sides. The action of the paint from the cup moving over the 24K Gold helps to create the cells.

3. Are some types of pours better for creating cells? If so, which ones?

Ring Pours, Straight Pours and Dutch Pours work really well if cells are desired without using products such as silicone.

4. What’s your go to product for creating cells in your art?

Generally I prefer to use paints that I know will cell and the 24K Gold by DecoArt is a good example.

5. What are your top 5 factors that affect cells?

My top five factors that affect cells are:

  1. Paint consistency – above all else, consistency is key. For any given technique all the paints should be the same consistency for success.
  2. Paint pigment density – gravity pulls higher density paints downwards and lower density paints will rise giving patterns or cells.
  3. Paint brand – different brands use different binders and this can affect results.
  4. The order in which paints are layered in any given technique will affect the outcome (this particularly relates to density in point 2 above).
  5. Too much stretching of paint or too little can also affect results.

6. Do you recommend a particular brand of paint?

In my work I use a variety of brands including Liquitex, Golden, Amsterdam, Pebeo and DecoArt because I like how they perform.

7. Do you recommend the use of silicone to create cells?

Silicone will give you cells but personally I prefer not to use it as pieces created with silicone need to be cleaned before varnishing or being resin-ed.

8. Do you use any tools such as heat guns, or blow torches to create cells? Why/Why not?

I use a cook’s blow torch to release air bubbles in the paint and the heat can also help cells develop.

9. Any other tips or tricks you would like to share?

Paint pouring is seriously addictive! Watch as many good YouTube artists as you can and visit the website of paint brands as they often have really good tutorials and also product
information such as pigment density charts etc.

There are so many variables that experimenting is vital as different products will yield different results and what works for one person may not for another. Discover what suits you and develop your own style and most importantly have lots of fun!

10. Where can people find you?

You can find Sarah Levin Art on:

So there you have it, Sarah’s guide on creating cells with Floetrol. Thank you so much for all those handy tips and advice, Sarah!

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