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Water-based cell activator for acrylic paint pouring

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Aussie-Trol 500ml
  • Optimises the formation of cells and lacing.
  • Excellent separation of colours.
  • Improves the spread of the paint on the canvas.
  • Improves the colour gradient.
  • Preserves the brightness, opacity and texture of the colours.
  • Works with premixed pouring products.
  • Available in a 500ml bottle.
£24.98 including VAT (£20.82 excluding VAT)

Owatrol Aussie-Trol is our water-based additive that alters the sliding and tensile properties of acrylic paints used in pouring techniques. It makes it possible to multiply and vary shapes and motifs.

We have listened to the wants and needs of the artists who have been using Owatrol Floetrol in their work and have created Owatrol Aussie-Trol specifically for you. Unlike Floetrol, Aussie-Trol contains a unique cell activator that when mixed with acrylic paint for paint pouring, creates amazing designs.

Ideal uses for Aussie-Trol:

  • Water-based additive for use in all acrylic paints
  • Use to create beautiful cells in acrylic paint pouring art
  • Use on canvas, wooden boards, furniture etc.


Aussie-Trol should not be used with any oil or alkyd based paints.

Always read the Aussie-Trol Product Information before using and follow the instructions carefully.

Surface Preparation

Prepare surface as per the instructions on the paint can.
Remove all loose and flaking material.
Ensure surface is clean, dry and free from grease grime and any other surface contamination.

Product Preparation

  • Shake Aussie-Trol well before use.
  • Work step by step. Effects may vary depending on the paint which Aussie-Trol is added to. We recommend that you initially add a small amount of Aussie-Trol (2 parts to 1 part paint), do a test and adjust the quantity if required to obtain the desired mix and consistency.
  • Depending on the desired effects and fluidity, it is possible to increase the proportion of Aussie-Trol up to 5 parts to 1 part paint. Mix again thoroughly.
  • Do not dilute the mixture.
  • If Aussie-Trol is used simultaneously in several different paints, it is best not to use the same proportion of Aussie-Trol.
  • When Aussie-Trol is added in a high ratio, it can affect the surface shine of the different acrylic paints, which it is added to.
  • The types of colouring and wetting agents used in the coloured paints can affect the performance of Aussie-Trol. Effects may thus vary from one colour to another. The proportion of Aussie-Trol can be adjusted according to the colour of the paint.


On the medium to be decorated, first pour on the base or “pillow” paint.

This paint must be fluid but not too runny. It will serve as a vector for the sliding of the colours. We recommend a standard white acrylic paint. This paint must NOT be mixed with Floetrol*.

On the pillow, pour on the coloured paints, which maybe mixed with Floetrol if desired. They can all be poured in the same place or in various places but all on the white pillow.

In order to optimise the effects, vary the shapes and sizes of the cells, and further increase the interactions of the colours, pour, as a last step, the paint mixed with Aussie-Trol. When poured on top of each of the areas where the paints have been applied, Aussie-Trol will improve the spread of the cells and provide more latitude to create new shapes.

For the mix with Aussie-Trol, we advise you to use paint of the same colour as the “pillow”.
Blow intermittently through a straw or with your mouth on the colour “islets” from the centre outwards.
The colours slide and move apart and cells will appear.

Let your creativity and imagination do the rest. Continue blowing using a rotating or swinging movement to move the paints and the “pillow” as you like to finish your work.

Application and transformation techniques

Feather, Small Chain, String etc.

This method consists of soaking the item into the paint mixed with the pouring medium. The item is then placed onto the piece covered with the “pillow” or onto a freshly flowed or blown pouring and moved around it.


This method consists in sliding a comb on a paint flow to spread the colours and/or create cells.

Drying Times

As per paint manufacturers guidelines. However depending on the type of acrylic paint used and the chosen mixing ratios, the paints may take a lot longer to dry and their surface hardness may be altered. This may cause fragility upon handling and leave marks when the paint is touched. This phenomenon may be mitigated through the use of a varnish. Furthermore, a varnish will help to produce a uniform shine.


If you finish your painting with a varnish and this varnish is too rigid or brittle, there may be a risk of cracking.

To ensure that the paint is completely dry, we recommend a long drying period (at least 1 week) before applying a varnish.

Clean Up

Clean all tools and equipment with soap and water.


Do not use Aussie-Trol with oil or alkyd based paints.

Things to Remember

  • Cover and protect everything you do not wish to paint.
  • Moisture content of wood should be 18% or less.
  • Apply between 10°C (50°F) and 30°C (86°F).
  • Do not apply to hot surfaces.
  • Do not use Aussie-Trol in oil or alkyd-based paints.

*The information contained within this document is for guidance only and the manufacturer is unable to guarantee or accept responsibility for the results as it has no control over the conditions under which its products are applied.

1 review for Aussie-Trol

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    demetris.t Verified Owner

    Really good product , great at creating cells and lacing, just one point deducted as too expensive

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Mixing Ratios: 2 parts Aussie-Trol to 1 part paint, up to a max of 5 to 1.
Tools: The usual tools for pouring techniques.
Suitable for: Interior use.
Clean up: Water.
Drying Time: As per paint manufacturer’s instructions. Please see instructions for use tab.
Additive for: Water-based coatings – Emulsion, Acrylic, Vinyls etc.
Appearance: Translucent White.

Technical Data

Read the full technical information for Aussie-Trol on our corporate website.