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The Linitop range consists of professional quality primers, wood stains and varnishes which provide excellent protection and beautiful finish. The water-based and solvent-based products provide professional solutions for all projects including interior wood as well as exterior surfaces.

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  • Acryl Vernis applied to kitchen counter
    Acryl Vernis packaging

    Linitop Acryl Vernis

    From £18.13

    Colourless, protective & decorative water-based varnish for interior wood

  • Linitop Yacht Vernis used on a sail boat at sea
    Linitop Yacht Vernis Satin

    Linitop Yacht Vernis

    From £16.76

    Colourless, protective water resistant marine varnish with UV protection

  • Linitop Acryl prim applied to external wood cladding on a house
    Linitop Classic

    Linitop Classic

    From £34.24

    Decorative high performance woodstain with UV resistance

  • Linitop Solid used on external wooden cladding
    Linitop Solid Packaging

    Linitop Solid

    From £41.16

    Protective solvent-based woodstain with new-generation UV filters

  • Linitop Acryl Vernis on dining table and chairs
    Linitop Vernis

    Linitop Vernis

    From £15.55

    Colourless, protective & decorative high resistance varnish for interior wood

  • Linitop Prim & Finish used on a fire wood storage hut
    Linitop Prim and Finish

    Linitop Primer & Finish

    From £32.39

    Two-in-one primer and topcoat, penetrating semi-transparent woodstain

  • Linitop Classic Acryl applied to internal wooden cladding
    Linitop Classic Acryl

    Linitop Classic Acryl

    From £37.54

    Decorative satin finish water-based woodstain with UV resistance

  • Clear varnish applied to internal wooden flooring
    Linitop Acryl Parket

    Linitop Acryl Parket

    From £37.38

    Water based, single component polyurethane colourless floor varnish

  • Linitop used on wooden cladding on a house
    Linitop Acryl Prim Packaging

    Linitop Acryl Prim

    From £35.20

    Penetrating water-based wood stain, two-in-one primer and finish

  • Linitop Parket Oil used on internal wooden flooring
    Linitop Parket packaging

    Linitop Parket

    From £38.20

    Single component polyurethane floor varnish for interior wood