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Marine Coatings & Finishes

The Owatrol marine coatings and finishes range home products for all your boat’s needs.
Whether you are looking for rust prevention, cleaner, primers or decorative finishes on wood or metallic surfaces, we have products suitable for your boat.

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  • Gelcoat Restorer before and after application
    Gelcoat and surface restorer packaging

    Gelcoat Restorer

    From £21.96

    Colour restorer for dull or faded surfaces including gelcoats

  • Rusted nut and bolt on stair well
    Marine Oil packaging

    Marine Oil

    From £22.70

    Colourless rust inhibiting oil & oil-based paint conditioner

  • Owalak applied to motor yacht
    Owalak packaging


    From £87.32

    A premium, high gloss marine enamel

  • Application of Owagrip in White
    Owagrip packaging


    From £87.92

    Anti-slip finish for decks and other horizontal surfaces

  • Teak Protect on boat deck
    Teak Protect packaging

    Teak Protect

    From £44.26

    Water-based penetrating wood finish with UV protection

  • Owatrol ATG applied to a boat deck
    Owatrol ATG packaging

    Owatrol ATG

    From £34.51

    Non-slip protection with a satin finish