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Exterior Solutions use Aquatrol for teak decking

This post has been written by Exterior Solutions Ltd. who use Owatrol products on many of their timber projects. Check out their bio and link to their website at the bottom of the post for more information.

Exterior Solutions Ltd has been using Owatrol products for many years due to the impressive results that can be achieved. One of their clients has an Exterpark Indonesian Teak deck around their swimming pool on the roof terrace of a London apartment which needs to be kept looking the same colour all year round.

What did they use?

For this project Exterior Solutions Ltd. used Aquatrol Golden Oak – a water-based saturating wood oil with a matt-satin finish from the Owatrol Professional range.

Pool deck with Aquatrol

They have been able to maintain this colour using Aquatrol Golden Oak for over 4 years now. Being water-based it penetrates the timber, isolating it and protecting it from weathering. It’s very simple just apply direct to bare wood, generally with 2 coats wet-on-wet (more coats may be needed in some cases). It’s ready to use making it practical when working on this exclusive terrace.

The Knightbridge 6

Aquatrol gives excellent weather resistance so this high-end deck gets treated every 6 months. Generally speaking, surfaces protected with Aquatrol require maintenance coats when the wood has taken on a weathered grey appearance. At this point you should clean with Net-Trol wood cleaner and then apply a single coat of Aquatrol. For a standard deck, this is likely to be once every 2 years.

The client for this terrace demands a high level service and Owatrol products achieve the levels of quality and look that the client expects. This deck does receive a lot of sunlight and that’s not a problem as Aquatrol has UV protection. Low odour and quick drying makes it the perfect product for this location. They even used it on the matching teak furniture, look at the difference it made on the teak table…

Teak tabel refurbished with Aquatrol

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2 thoughts on “Exterior Solutions use Aquatrol for teak decking

    1. Hi Jennifer,

      If you’d like your decking blue then we would recommend using Decking Paint. You can use it in Blue or Light blue depending on the colour you’re looking for. It’s applied to bare wood so if your decking has had another finish on it before then you’d need to strip that off first.

      If you need any more guidance then please let us know and we can advise which products you’ll need depending on your specific requirements.

      The Owatrol Team

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