Before and after applying Owatrol Deco to a garden table

Garden furniture transformed with Owatrol Deco

This customer has used Owatrol Deco multi-surface paint on a variety of garden furniture and with excellent results.

In just a couple of simple steps they have transformed old, damaged and tired looking furniture into a real statement for the garden.

What is Owatrol Deco?

Owatrol Deco is a high gloss multi-surface paint which can be applied to any surface. It is available in 21 colours, including RAL, and acts as both a primer and finish all in one. This means it doesn’t require any priming or undercoating before use.

Owatrol Deco provides exceptional corrosion protection and excellent resistance to the effects of weathering and pollution. It can even be applied directly to rusted surfaces. This is because it penetrates deep down to the sound metal, providing long-lasting protection and extending the lifetime of the surface.

Garden furniture transformed with Owatrol Deco

Owatrol Deco is suitable for interior and exterior uses and will adhere to all surfaces. It is also safe to use in confined spaces as it does not emit harmful fumes.

It gives a high gloss finish which is extremely flexible and will not peel or flake. This makes it perfect for use on plastics and uPVC which are subject to movement. It delivers an exceptional oil-based finish with very low VOC levels.


To use Owatrol Deco multi-surface paint you first need to ensure that your surface is clean, dry and free of any surface contaminants.

You must remove any mill scale. Remove any loose and flaking rust and old paint back to a sound surface and edge.

Surfaces which are exposed to chemicals (acids, alkalis or salt deposits) should be washed using water or steam cleaned.

Oily, resinous and greasy woods should be thoroughly degreased with denatured alcohol (methylated spirits), acetone or similar solvent based product.

Once this step is complete, you then simply apply 2 coats (allowing time to dry between coats) and you’re done!

Before and after applying Owatrol Deco to railings

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4 thoughts on “Garden furniture transformed with Owatrol Deco

    1. Hi Emma,

      We’re pleased to hear that you’re loving ESP. If you’d like us to feature your makeover on our news page please let us know!

      The Owatrol Team

  1. Can you please advise it Polytrol enhancer can be used on my travertine granite garden table top ?
    I’ve used this product on my garage door, and it worked brilliantly.
    Look forward to hearing from you.


    Paul McEvoy

    07923 601651

    1. Hi there Paul,

      The technical information sheet states that Polytrol can be used on marble, slate, terracotta etc. so it sounds reasonable that it could be safely used on granite. If you have some Polytrol left over from when you used it on your garage door, I would recommend testing it out in a small area of the table first. We also sell 100ml samples for £6 with free postage if you have no more and wish to try it.

      Please feel free to contact us further should you have any other queries.

      All the best,
      The Owatrol Team

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