Owatrol Oil used to finish garden sculptures

Owatrol Oil used by CK Garden Sculptures

Chris from C K Garden Sculptures has recently told us how he uses Owatrol Oil to finish his garden sculptures. He has been using it for years, so we thought it would make for an interesting case study.

In a little shed in the back of a garden in Somerset, lies the workshop of C K Garden Sculptures.

CK garden sculptures use Owatrol Oil to finish his sculptures

Chris’s nature inspired garden sculptures are beautiful. From his small ferns to his large grass plumes, every piece is hand crafted with love and care.

He offers his sculptures in two finishes; rustic and stainless steel. The rustic style has a beautiful rich brown finish, whilst the stainless steel version offers a shiny finish that reflects the surrounding areas.

We think you will agree that both are stunning.

Here’s what Chris has to say about Owatrol Oil:

When I first started creating garden sculptures I tested out a range of oils and paints, looking for a finish that would enhance my work. Owatrol oil has proved to be the best, giving my rusted ferns a lovely dark satin finish. When asked, most of my clients prefer the oiled finish and it’s very easy to apply. On a sunny day I oil my sculptures in the garden and they’re dry in a few hours.

When it comes to more complicated designs such as seed heads, the aerosol is great at covering the ‘hard to reach’ areas.

I’ve been using Owatrol for over 5 years now, it just gives a quality finish.

Chris offers a wide range of products. From garden sculptures, to fire-pit cubes and ornamental panels, you will easily find something beautiful for your garden.

What is Owatrol Oil?

Owatrol oil is a versatile, highly penetrating air drying oil. As a rust inhibitor it provides a tough, flexible finish, driving out excess moisture and air; displacing it from rusted metal, so stopping rust dead in its tracks.

Owatrol Oil penetrates through the rusted metal to the sound metal below, isolating it and protecting it from further rusting. As it’s a penetrating oil it can be used directly on the rusted surfaces. It drives out moisture and air and stabilises the metal to protect it from future damage.

Head on over to C K Garden Sculptures and take a look for yourself at Chris’s amazing work.

We hope you enjoyed this post all about the use of Owatrol Oil on metal sculptures! If you have any other tips, tricks, or advice, please feel free to comment below and share!

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Owatrol Oil used to protect metal sculptures - Pinterest

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