Owatrol Deco multi-surface paint before and after

Have you tried Owatrol Deco?

Owatrol Deco is an all-in-one product which serves as a rust inhibiting primer and decorative multi surface paint. It provides a high quality decorative finish, enhanced corrosion protection and exceptional resistance to weathering, moisture and pollution.

Owatrol’s multi-surface paint

Owatrol Deco is a truly multi-surface paint, adhering strongly to all surfaces including plastics, wood and metal. It gives a high gloss finish which is extremely flexible and so will not peel or flake. This makes it perfect for use on surfaces like plastics and uPVC. Owatrol Deco delivers an exceptional oil-based finish and is suitable for interior and exterior use. It’s available in 13 different finishes and is easy to use.

What can I use Owatrol Deco for?

Owatrol Deco is perfect for so many jobs from reviving plastic guttering and drainpipes to protecting metal gates and railings from the elements, or even safeguarding machinery parts from corrosion. Barry Richardson, an Owatrol customer used Owatrol Deco to renovate the exterior of a bungalow including a garage door, rusted metal posts, windows and doors. He used it in white to protect, prime and finish the surfaces and was very impressed with the results and said this:

“It flows really well, especially the first coat. The opacity level after the first coat was very good too. Once dry it had a nice feel to it. Impressed with the finish, I’ll definitely use it again and for railings, gates, etc. it is now my go-to product.”

Rusty Railings Improved with Owatrol Deco

Have you tried Owatrol Deco?

Owatrol Deco delivers an exceptional oil-based finish and is suitable for interior and exterior use. It is available in 13 different finishes and it’s easy to use. It can be applied without any priming or undercoating, even on rusted surfaces! This is because it penetrates through the rust to the sound metal below, isolating it and protecting it. Remember it’s suitable for use on all surfaces and protects, primes and finishes all in one!

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