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Top 10 boat storage ideas

If you own a narrowboat we are sure you are aware of the limitation of space. We have compiled a top 10 list of storage ideas to help you make the most out of your space!

Clever storage ideas are a must to really maximise your space. You will need to really look and think about what unused space you have and how you can use it.

It goes without saying that depending on your size of narrowboat will affect the amount of space you have. However, we are sure we will have something on our list that will be helpful to you.

1. Hang up items

Use the walls and/or ceilings to hang items such as cooking utensils and mugs. These awkward and bulky items tend to not be able to stack well and so take up a lot of surface area that can be better used for other things.

This is one of the easiest and most common ways to gain storage space and is cheap to accomplish. Simply attach a bar to the wall or ceiling, hang some hooks off from the bar and you’re reay to go!

2. Under bed, sofa or stair storage

Raised storage bed

We recommend utilising all the possible space you have onboard. There are beds that are made with lots of storage underneath as well as sofas or footstalls that have internal space. Some people even use the space inside their stairs! These are all dead spaces that can easily be modified to give you more storage.

These spaces are very handy for storing bulkier items such as towels, bedding and out of season clothes.

Another thing you can do to make sure you can store as much as possible is to use vacuum pack storage bags. They are fairly inexpensive and readily available.

3. Roof boxes

Green narrow boat

Boat roof boxes work exactly the same as car roof boxes. It simply sits on top of the boat and you can pack away whatever you please. They come in a wide variety of sizes, materials and prices.

The one thing we really would suggest is to make sure you get one that will not affect the size of your boat too much so that you cannot fit under bridges! They can be expensive, so although they are a handy thing to have, you don’t want to be held back from cruising!

4. Declutter!

Woman holding large cardboard box

It is such a simple thing to suggest but it’s one of those things that can be easily overlooked!

We recommend you go through all your belongings and think hard about what you really want/need. There are alot of things that people will hold onto and never use!

Something we have heard people do is to hold onto something for a year and if you do not use it, then get rid of it. Remember, nothing needs to be thrown away or wasted. You can give things to friends and family, sell them online, or perhaps donate them to a charity shop.

If you have things you really can’t bare to part with but have no space for, you could always put them into storage.

5. Kindle



Are you a bit of a bookworm and have a large collection of books? Then this has the potential to cause real problems with storage. Although books are a break shape for stacking, they tend to be fairly bulky and it doesn’t take long for your collection to be piled on shelving floor to ceiling!

We recommend you consider swapping to an Amazon Kindle to save space. Depending on which device you get, you can hold up to 3,000 books!

However, if you love the feel of real paper in your fingers, you could always buy a few books at a time and once you have finished them, donate them.

6. Food Storage

Boat storage - dry food storage containers

Some products come with awkward and/or bulky packaging that will not fit into cupboards or drawers. Cereal boxes tend to be quite tall and storing these boxes away is simply not a choice.

Instead of having boxes of various things in various places, consider using storage boxes or jars to allow you to stack items neatly into cupboards or on your countertops.

These containers can be fairly cheap and are readily available in a lot of stores. You can get them in a wide range of colours, sizes and materials and can also come with different types of lids or spouts for easy pouring.

7. Small vacuum cleaner

Small easy to store vacuum cleaner

Having a small vacuum cleaner is a must-have – You may struggle to find somewhere to store a large Henry hoover! So, we recommend you invest in a small handheld vacuum cleaner.

These can be a little bit on the pricey side, but it will take up a fraction of the space that a standard vacuum cleaner will. Some only have a short nozzle on them, but some (such as a Dyson) can come with various attachments so you can vacuum easily without having to bend down to the ground.

Some types will even have a connector to allow you to attach it neatly to the wall, eliminating the need to find floor space!

8. Expandable shelf

Raised shelf to create more storage room

This is such a simple product that quickly and easily doubles your storage! If you don’t have space for a shelf or shelving unit, then this expandable shelf is a must-have.

Having the ability to expand the shelf is so handy, so no matter how much room you have, you can simply pull it out to make it longer!

It is cheap, readily available and could be benefitial to use in your kitchen or bathroom.

9. Pots & Pans

Pots and pans that store neatly together

Pots and pans can take up an enormous amount of space in your kitchen!

We recommend purchasing pans that either have handles that fold back around the circumference (similar to camping pans), or pans that have a removable handle so that the pots can be stacked neatly inside one another. Some even come with collapsible lid handles to really make them stackable!

You could, however, hang the pots and pans on hooks as we suggested in tip #1, should you want them on display.

10. Deck

Canopy over a narrow boat

This is a really handy tip if you are moored up during the Winter months! A really quick and easy way you can gain a lot of storage space is by using your deck!

We recommend purchasing a canopy so you can utilise the space. These can be fairly expensive, however, if you purchase a high-quality premium one, not only will your things be safer, it can also be used for years to come.

You could gain up to 20 Square feet of extra space! Think of all the things you could use that for!

We hope you enjoyed this post on boat storage ideas. If you have any other tips, tricks or advice, please feel free to leave them in the comments below. We love hearing from you!

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