Maintaining your boat using Transyl Oil

Maintaining your boat using Transyl Oil

Boat maintenance is highly important as it can help prevent too many repairs and all too frequent replacements. From time to time, as with anything, even in the household and other industries, parts require lubrication. This is to keep them working efficiently and smoothly. By maintaining parts, you can significantly help to extend their life.

Transyl Oil is a prime example of a product that can assist with lubrication on an array of surfaces, even in hard to reach areas. Its versatility makes it a go-to product for many people in the marine sector, as it can assist in many different ways.

Assisting fixtures

If a fixture becomes seized up due to rust or other corrosion, it can be lubricated by the oil to allow for dismantling so that it can be repaired or replaced. The renowned wetting properties of the oil quickly get to work, penetrating deeply. This is great as it will make jobs a lot easier, making the process much more time efficient and saving you plenty of hassle. Parts will become stiff from time to time, but the lubricating properties of Transyl Oil will get to work, allowing the parts to move freely again, preventing them seizing up permanently.

Protection against the elements

Transyl Oil also has excellent protection qualities too. Moisture is often a cause of parts becoming rusty and stuck. Not only does it release stiff parts, but it also protects against the same happening again. This is achieved by the oil leaving a protective layer on the surface of the part, providing a barrier against any potential damage caused by moisture. This property is key in the marine world due to the conditions that are prevalent and the humidity too. Moisture can also be a cause of short circuiting. Transyl Oil can actually counteract this by drying out electrical circuits quickly and efficiently.

Transyl Oil used on a boatClean and functioning

The marine environment can often leave boats with dirt accumulating for example, which is likely to clog up machinery on board, especially if it is allowed to build up, or the environment is particularly harsh. The debris can easily be dissolved through the use of the oil. This will not only help the parts to move freely, working efficiently again. It can actually help to prolong their usage lifespan, saving you from repairs and replacements in the process.

How to use

Transyl Oil comes in both a spray form and a dipping form too. It is important to allow the part to be saturated in the product and allowed to work before using a brush to manipulate it. Remember that it is imperative to prepare the surface as best as possible before use. Remove as much debris as possible. Bear in mind that any area that is not being treated should be covered or protected. After it has done the trick, give it a quick clean around the local area with a cloth, and you’re all done.

Due to the chemicals in the oil, it is perfect to use on any surface, from metal to plastic. This is hugely beneficial as rather than having a few products for each surface; you only need one that will be suitable for them all. Even paintwork won’t suffer due to the use of Transyl Oil.

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