Teak Olje on garden furniture

Teak Olje premium hardwood teak oil now available to buy online!

We love a new product launch – this one though, isn’t new to Owatrol, just new to the UK store. Teak Olje premium hardwood oil is suitable for interior and exterior use. Its clear protection gives a rich, matt finish which will not darken or blacken with UV exposure. This makes it perfect for protecting your garden furniture. As it is a saturating oil, it protects the wood from within – meaning no peeling or flaking!

What can I use Teak Olje for?

Teak Olje enhances the natural beauty of your wood, making it excellent for use on high quality hardwoods. It’s suitable for marine use and can really make your boat stand out in the marina. Teak Olje is a blend of high quality Teak Oil and Owatrol Oil. This givies it deep penetrating properties with long lasting protection.

Teak Olje on garden furniture


We recommend using Teak Olje for hardwood garden furniture for a luxurious and top quality finish with excellent long term protection. You can also use it on interior wood and it’s particularly good for penetrating into dense or oily wood species which can be difficult to work with.

How do I apply Teak Olje?

To use Teak Olje you apply coats ‘wet-on-wet’ until the wood is saturated and will not accept any more oil. To do this, first apply 1 coat. Then, leave it to be absorbed for approximately 15-30 minutes before applying a second coat. It is important that you don’t let the wood dry in between coats.

It may be necessary to apply additional coats if the wood is not yet saturated, if so these are applied using the same method. After allowing the final coat to penetrate ensure that you brush or wipe out any excess oil on the surface of the wood. This is to avoid shiny spots.

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