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owatrol deco used on various metal surfaces

An Owatrol Pro customer B Richardson Decorating recently completed a renovation of the exterior of a bungalow. The project included windows, doors, a garage door and upstands for a car port which included lots of rusted metal surfaces. He used Owatrol Deco to protect, prime and finish the surfaces in white and was very impressed […]

new products textrol weathered grey

Since launching the new Owatrol Direct website we have been able to extensively expand the product range available online. Although these products are not all new to Owatrol Direct, they have not previously been available online! So what’s new? Owatrol Deco Owatrol Deco, previously called Rustol Deco for long-standing customers who may be a little […]

Polytrol Bumper after 5 months

Over at Detailing World we stumbled across another happy Owatrol customer using Polytrol to restore a faded car bumper. They posted this picture to show Polytrol at work: Polytrol is a colour restorer for plastics, GRPs, gelcoats, metals and other surfaces. It restores the original look and feel to the surface and dries to a […]

Image of the new website

After a couple of months of hard work the new website is finally here and went live at the weekend – we absolutely love it! As well as a sleek new look we’ve added some great new features that we hope will make the site quicker and easier for you to use. We’ve listed some […]

Luc1 Motorsport motorbike rider

We are very excited to show you ‘Out of Owatrol!’ a video from Luc1 Motorsport. Owatrol are proud to sponsor Luc1 Motorsport and this year the Luc1 team have released a video showcasing their favourite Owatrol products. Sylvain Bidart demonstrates some of his skills on his Honda Supermoto. He competes for the Luc1 Owatrol Honda team […]

Seasonite being applied to wood

The Owatrol Wood Care Guide

Posted on in Wood Care

We have put together a series of posts to create the Owatrol wood care guide – this will give you all the info you need to protect your wood. Through the six articles you will learn why wood needs protecting, how to prepare and clean wood, which treatments are suitable for different types of wood […]

Owatrol Oil on door

Have you wondered what you need to do to prepare your wood before treating it? Adherence When you try to use emulsion paints on wood, you often face a massive inconvenience – their lack of adherence. With a low bonding power, these paints flake off rapidly which means a big waste of your time! Our […]

Interior Wood Stain & Protection

Interior hard woods require careful care and attention and often demand a higher level of attention to detail and finesse. As such, we would make the following recommendations to achieve a flawless colourless finish of your interior wood surfaces. New Wood First degrease the wood surface with denatured alcohol Then sand the wood (100 grain […]

Decking finished with Owatrol products

Hard woods usually also require treatment when new with Seasonite in the same way as soft woods do. The products we would suggest for protecting and enhancing exterior hard woods surfaces depend on the type of wood you have to work with. New Wood First treat the new wood with Seasonite and leave for 6-12 months […]