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Preparing and cleaning all types of wood

Before you apply any protective product, it is important that the wood is prepared correctly. Depending on its surface, different techniques may be needed.

Preparing new wood (Deglazing)

Regardless of whether they are durable by nature or pressure treated, soft woods are vulnerable during their first year of exposure to weather. The recommended product for this is Seasonite new wood protection which stabilises and protects the wood during its first year of weathering. Seasonite penetrates the wood and protects it from humidity whilst still allowing the pores to open naturally. It minimises the weathering process and provides a sound surface for any finish to be added after 6-12 months.

The exception to using Seasonite is oak – in this case Seasonite shouldn’t be used as it can increase tannin bleed. After 6-12 months the wood should be protected with Textrol penetrating oilDeks Ojle D1 saturating oil or one of our other suitable products.

Preparing grey and dirty wood (Cleaning)

Raw woods (whether or not they have been pressure-treated) which have been greyed or stained by environmental pollutions can be easily cleaned to restore their original appearance before they are treated. Net-Trol wood cleaner and colour restorer cleans stains caused by tannins and removes traces of weathering caused by pollution, fungus etc. You should apply Net-Trol to a wet surface with a brush or roller, scrub and then leave to stand for 10-20 minutes. You should then scrub again before rinsing with water or a pressure washer. Once dry, the wood can then be protected with a suitable wood finish to your taste.

Preparing surface-coated, painted or varnished wood (Stripping)

A surface-coated, painted or varnished wood surface which is sometimes blistered or flaked cannot be treated effectively without stripping first. This is because these coatings prevent the impregnation of Owatrol products. As such, we would suggest first stripping the wood with Dilunett which is solvent-free and removes up to 8 coats of paint in one go. It’s easy to apply and creates a water-soluble coating which can be scrubbed and rinsed off with a pressure washer.

Once the wood has been stripped, it can then be treated in the same way as any old wood and should always be neutralised with Net-Trol before applying a wood finish.

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