Chris of Garage 87 and Ewan McGregor with his VW panel van by Garage 87

Garage 87 uses Owatrol Oil on Ewan McGregor’s VW panel van

Chris of Garage 87 recently got in touch with us to showcase a recent project of his – using Owatrol Oil on Ewan McGregor’s 1958 VW panel van! To say we were excited to learn more is an understatement.

About the VW panel van

The van is a 1958 Canadian L31 dove blue panel van with original sign writing. It was originally restored and rebuilt by Ned Faux of Hayburner in 2022. When Ned first got his hands on the van, it was in quite a sorry state. Picked for parts and rusting away, he was determined to get it up and running again. Pre-1958 pressed bumper models with original painted logo’s are a rare thing to find!

Once the main bulk of the work was complete, the van was then handed over to Chris of Garage 87 in June of 2023. Chris carried out the vans service and completed a few finishing touches. One of which was using Owatrol Oil rust inhibitor to finish and protect the body work.

Take a look at our gallery below. We think you will agree that it looks absolutely amazing!


What is Owatrol Oil?

Owatrol Oil 1L With 300ml Spray CanOwatrol Oil is our versatile, highly penetrating, air drying oil and oil-based coatings conditioner.

When used as a rust inhibiting oil, Owatrol Oil saturates deep into the treated surface to drive out excess moisture and air. This stops rust dead in its tracks and provides a tough yet flexible finish.

Owatrol Oil can also be used as a paint conditioner. When added into any oil-based coating it gives increased wet edge time, improved flow and greater adhesion.

Why did Chris use Owatrol Oil on this VW panel van?

Having used a variety of products over the years I was recommended Owatrol by a friend. It ticks the boxes for giving patina paint a nice finish but also inhibits rust. It’s easy to apply and safe to use.

Prior to use we clean the vehicle and polish the paint up as much as we wish (for us usually a machine polish).

To apply, we pour some into a tray and use a brush to apply some oil to the heavier rusted areas, into gutters, corners etc. Then using a cloth wipe, rub in a coat over all the panels. Once dry, I usually do a second coat for extra protection. It can look a little streaky for a few days until its dulled down.

Half a tin easily coated a small panel van so leaves plenty for future use.

Huge thank you to Chris for the trust in using Owatrol Oil for this project. We are glad to see Ewan was happy with the final result! You can learn more about Garage 87 on their website, or follow them on their Instagram page. All images credit to Garage 87.

You can also learn more about the whole process from start to finish on Ned’s website here.

We hope you enjoyed this post on Garage 87 using Owatrol Oil on Ewan McGregor’s VW panel van.

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Garage 87 uses Owatrol Oil on Ewan McGregor's VW panel van - Pinterest

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